Thursday, December 6, 2012

"Down on the Floor, Sir. I Think We're in for a Run."

Ok, so I read Sir Percy Hits Back! It was AMAZING, of course. I'm hoping to get a "my own personal thoughts on it" post up sometime in the next week...but don't count on it. ;)

Just found out an extremely interesting tidbit via Little Lady's blog...and thought I'd share.

Like (I suspect) most people, when I read El Dorado and of course saw TSP1982, the subplot of the Dauphin was intriguing, but written off as nice fiction because, as we all know, he was not saved by Our Illustrious Hero but tragically died. To be completely honest and slightly heretical, I wondered why on earth they included something that everyone knew didn't happen. I mean, why not pick another historical character who actually made it through the Reign of Terror?

Then today I was enlightened. (By the way, her review of the book/movie was delightful!)

According to her story, at the time of the film (and of course at the time of the writing of El Dorado), they were not sure whether or not the Dauphin had died (much like another pet obsession of mine, Anastasia Romanov).

The 1982 film version was a veritable Anastasia story with the inclusion of "the little Dauphin". Louis-Charles, Duke of Normandy, whose death at the time of the production of this film, was still unconfirmed (it wasn't proven until 2000 when they did a DNA test on the heart in the body supposed to be the prince's and it matched up with the DNA of Marie Antoinette's hair. Ew.).

So like all the Anastasia stories, the book/film was relying on the fact that no one knew what had happened to him. Unfortunately in both royal cases, we now know their fate, but this did clear up a lot in my mind!

So. Please tell me that I wasn't the only clueless Leaguette. Please. Or I shall be heartily ashamed. :)

And since we're talking about it and you can never have too much of this scene, here's the Epic Rescue Scene again. You're welcome. For research, you understand. Dauphin research. Yes.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

How I Met Sir Percy - Maria's Edition

It all began when I was nine.  This book called The Scarlet Pimpernel had been hanging about the house for a while and, as the voracious bookworm I was, I naturally took interest in it.  But it was the cover that got me.  Those inscrutable eyes that gazed out at me and the handsome, slightly mocking smile – I decided I wanted to read it, as soon as possible. 

My very wise Mamma said no.  “You’re only nine.  The book will be a lot better when you’re older.”
Me: How old?
Mamma: We’ll see.  Maybe when you’re around sixteen.
Naturally I didn’t want to wait that long to read about the handsome, inscrutable man and the beautiful, slightly mournful, woman standing beside him, but as Mamma had said, it would be a lot better when I was older.  So I didn’t exactly read it, but I gazed at the front cover and read the back.  Many, many times.  It was just the kind of story I knew I’d like. French revolution… only one man threatens its total power…  maddeningly elusive… defied the vast network of fanatics, informers, and secret agents… some said he was a French nobleman, out for revenge, others that he was an English lord seeking adventure…
I rather caught onto the French nobleman idea.  Then of course he would have a Reason to do what he did.  There was no hint of romance as far as I knew, but I decided he and the beautiful woman were at a ball together.  And since the back said nothing about a love interest but did say a great deal about secret agents, the mysterious, pensive looking woman must have been a spy.  Why she’d be against that guy being heroic I didn’t know, but the idea firmly attached itself to my mind.
Then after a while I forgot about The Scarlet Pimpernel and the daydreams I had had imagining what it was about.  I was much older, getting to know Jane Austen, discovering costume drama blogs… 
It was two or three years ago when I discovered Alexandra’sblog and got re-acquainted with that inscrutable guy I had seen on the cover.  It seemed Ally liked him a great deal.  Too much, I thought.  One Father’s Day she wrote a post talking about how great her Dad and Sir Percy were, and, by comparison, how great my beloved Mr. Darcy was not. I nearly sent her a scathing comment, but I never actually published it, which was just as well, because I would have had to eat my words after (and they must’ve tasted horrible.)  Her dad could be just as great as he liked, but I would stick with my Mr. Darcy and leave her with that Sir Percy Whatshisname if she liked him so much. 
Or so I thought. 
Then, a little more than a year ago, Amy reviewed a movie called The Scarlet Pimpernel, full of pictures of that same guy and how heroic he was.  And I decided I’d give it a chance.  Amy, after all, was a sensible girl.  She liked Mr. Darcy.  So exactly one year ago (it was my birthday, incidentally) I picked up The Scarlet Pimpernel to actually read it.  I loved it, of course, but it wasn’t like what I imagined it would be, and it was a long time before it struck me that the idea of the beautiful woman spying on The Scarlet Pimpernel that I had made up before actually had an inkling of truth in it. 
So there it was.  I thought it was a great book with great characters, but I was not at all crazy about it.  Until I got The Elusive Pimpernel from the library.  And all of the short stories.  They did it.  I can’t imagine how someone could not be crazy about it after reading something like How Jean-Pierre Met the Scarlet Pimpernel.  I read El Dorado next.  I knew it was much later in the series, but it was what the movie was partly based on, so I thought I’d see what it was like.  I had it on audiobook and practically spent all day with it.  I was hooked.  Even the Infamous Flea-Riddled No Good Very Bad Worthless Armand seemed quite a harmless chappie to me.  Until it happened. 
I wasn’t that worried.  Sir Percy had managed to get out when a whole city was held hostage for him.  He’d find a way, I knew.  But the chapters flew away with incredible speed.  I had the whole contents of the audiobook opened in a window on my laptop, and there were only twenty-five chapters.  Now only a couple chapters left.  Percy’d have to be quick.  Only two chapters left.  Really, how could Percy escape in two chapters?  The chapter began.  Marguerite was restless and lonely.  Sir Andrew and Suzanne came to tell her that Percy had been captured.  Marguerite decided to go to Paris at once.  Only one chapter left.  Then I knew what would happen.  Baroness Orczy wanted to make and end of it. Just enough time for a heart-breaking last farewell and then the guillotine.  I turned off the audiobook, broke down, and cried.  But I went back to it soon enough.  I wasn’t going to miss any bit of Percy’s last hours.  I put my cursor over the window on my laptop and turned on the last chapter.  Then I realized.  That window showed only the first half of the book.  There were forty-nine chapters in total.  I turned the audiobook back off and broke down again.  “He’s alive, he’s alive.”  And I never again doubted that he’d stay that way.  He had twenty-four more chapters to finish off Chauvelin and delight us all with a brilliant escape. 
I watched the 1982 movie soon after that.  It was all I expected and more.  I wasn’t even worried by the twist ending.  For pity’s sake, I had been tortured most of the way through El Dorado.  Percy wouldn’t die now.  And besides, I had heard that Percy would duel in the movie and he couldn’t duel after he was executed.  
While listening to El Dorado I basically ate, drank, and lived TSP for a week.  That kind of thing is usual for me.  But it's also usual for me to stop thinking of it when I'm done.  But when I was finished that, the fascination didn’t go.  It didn’t go after I watched the movie either.  It hasn’t even gone now.  And that, m’dears, is why I’m writing this.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

How I Met Sir Percy- Hayden's Edition

So my story begins, like most of my stories, with searching for new books to read. I have a certain love of catalogues that comes from a lifetime of cutting them up and putting them in childhood scrapbooks of "pretty things" and on to decoupage as I got older. Anyway, that joy has never gone away, and I get almost as much pleasure cutting them up now as I did then. I just normally, you know, actually read the catalogue first. I am always excited when we get a new catalogue, especially when that lovely thick Rainbow Resource one comes in- even if it doesn’t have a lot of pretty, colorful pictures to cut up :). I think it was maybe the second Rainbow Resource book we got that I decided to go and make a list of all the books in the "Library Builders" section that I wanted to read.

I saw the description for The Scarlet Pimpernel…and it sounded AWESOME. However, our current library did not have that book, and this was at a time in my life when I would rather have died than ask for help at the counter. (Yes, I have gotten over that. Our librarians probably wish I hadn’t.) I sort of forgot about the book after that, and every once in a while I would look through a new catalogue, see the book and think, "you know, I really need to read that." Finally, after moving (a new library, yay!) I decided to do a little research on the book and see what people seemed to say about it. I didn’t find a whole lot of reviews- maybe five altogether on a combination of two sites- and most of them were positive, except for one guy who said it was the most boring thing ever.

So anyway, I searched for it at our library- and there it was! I read the first chapter and was hooked. Completely hooked. I read that thing in one sitting, all the while thinking, "that poor reviewer had no idea what he was talking about; this book is AMAZING!"

So, I was sixteen years old (It’s been two years since then, wow :) and I was pretty sure I was the only person on the planet who had ever read the book. Besides those five reviewers, of course.  Now, by this point, I had pretty much grown out of regaling my entire family with a chapter-by-chapter runthrough of every book I'd ever read. But I had to admit...I NEEDED to talk about this marvelous book. Wonder of wonders! I have a BLOG! {can't you just see the little lightbulb that popped up over my head?}The world must be informed on this classic they were missing. It was practically my duty as a good citizen. It wasn’t long afterward that I wrote a post on my blog about it- and discovered I was not alone in my love of the adventures of Sir Percy. And there were more books? It was part of a series???

The cover of the copy of the book my sister bought...

Since then, so many of my friends have read the book –and loved it- that I am no longer the lone person that I know of personally who has a great admiration (and maybe a few fangirl cheers) for Sir Percy and his men. One of my very best friends came up to me several months ago and asked if I had read TSP, and that she thought it was great, and I was like, "You’ve Read it???" She got a pretty super big hug that day! She and her sister were also the ones who inspired me to host the TSP Casting Event :)

Either way, though I have found it difficult to get my hands on copies of the rest of the books in the series, I have enjoyed the ones I've read and just can't WAIT to read about more adventures of my favorite hero....

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

How I Met Sir Percy - Alexandra's Edition

We Leaguettes decided to dig back in the recesses of our pre-TSP memory to recall exactly when we first met our elusive hero, whether it was the book or one of the film versions. Stay tuned in the next few weeks to read the stories...and leave a comment and share your own!

I'll go first. :)

Trying to remember back to a time when I didn’t know Sir Percy is practically impossible. He’s been such a huge part of my life for so many years it’s just ridiculous to imagine there was a time when I didn’t know he existed. But apparently it is so, and so for this series I had to dig far back to those sad days pre-Percy and remember exactly how I first became acquainted with my favorite Englishman.

Let’s see…

I was just on the brink of seventeen, just foraying into the world of romantic films beyond the normal Austen fare and on the quest to find the Most Awesome Hero, which so far had eluded my attention – Mr. Knightley was the only gent who came close…but he couldn’t quite cut it, and I was beginning to despair that there was such a hero that would fit my bill. We had also just gotten one of those Blockbuster subscription things like Netflix and we were discovering all these films Mom and Dad had seen years ago. Two of the films were destined to become my two favorites – Somewhere in Time and of course The Scarlet Pimpernel. Mom had loved Jane Seymour for years and wanted me to see this film she had been in that she had seen years ago at a friend’s house. And so when The Scarlet Pimpernel came in I really wasn’t sure what to expect.

 My mom had told me beforehand that I “would really like it”, and since the last few films I had seen and loved recently had been my favorite kinds – the romantic tragedies that so few people like – I prepared myself for the fact that someone in the story was going to die. That was ok. I loved those kinds of stories.

The film opened, and I was rather iffy about the scruffy old man that Mom said was the main character. Seriously? Then Sir Percy pulled off his fake nose…and I knew I would like this character. Too bad he was going to die.

I met Marguerite, and despite Jane’s crazy afro, I thought she was one of the most gorgeous women I’d ever seen…and when she met Percy, I knew I would absolutely love this couple. It was going to be sad when he died.

Unlike a lot of people who read/saw TSP the first time, the fop side of Percy didn’t annoy me…maybe because unlike the book, you know that Percy’s putting on an act right away because you know the Pimpernel’s identity from the beginning. As the film progressed, I just fell in love with the character more and more…and grew more and more apprehensive about how I knew it would end.

Now as anyone who knows me well (or has had the misfortune to watch something I’ve never seen with me) knows, I’m very vocal while watching films (you should have seen me watching The Avengers for the first time a few weeks ago). And this was no exception. Once the action really got going, I was yelling, bouncing, cheering, and whatever other crazy reaction the scene called for. My pulse was rushing, my head was reeling, my face was flushing…but it wasn’t loathing I was feeling. Sorry. Anyway. By the time The Epic Rescue scene happened, I was completely and totally head-over-heels for Percy, and I remember thinking, “Well…maybe he won’t die. Hehe. Maybe not. Surely not! Puleeeze not!”

And then he was Betrayed by the Infamous Flea-Riddled-No-Good-Very-Bad-Worthless Armand and I hated Armand forever more and wept because I knew now He Was Going to Die. And Marguerite came and they had the Ultimate Gorgeous Romantic Reunion scene with that oh-so-perfect-kiss and my heart was breaking because sob-sniffle-sob…he was really gonna die now. All their plans were in vain, he was gonna die and I was gonna die, too.

So when Chauvelin ordered him executed, I was heartbroken beyond belief but really not surprised. I was holding my breath with everyone else, kind of hoping against hope that he’d find a way out, and I screamed right along with Marguerite when they fired. I also threw pillows at Chauvelin and began fantasizing horrible deaths for the guy, which didn’t help the story but made me feel better.   

And then, as everyone who’s seen it knows, there was The Twist that I will admit, I totally did not see coming! And I began screaming with joy and running around hugging everyone and doing the happy dance for five minutes while they had to pause the movie to wait for me to calm down. He Was Actually Alive!

I have to say though, I couldn’t quite relax yet. I didn’t enjoy the duel very much the first time, just because I was sure in my pessimistic brain that after all this, the sadistic director would have him stabbed at the last minute and die and I would hate this movie forevermore.

But as we all know, he didn’t. And when they shared the kiss on the Day Dream and the credits rolled, I knew two things – The Scarlet Pimpernel was my second favorite film EVER. And two, I was hopelessly, devotedly, unashamedly, passionately in love with Sir Percy Blakeney. And Anthony Andrews was pretty much the coolest guy evah, evah. Oh, wait, that’s three things. Oh, well.

I was obsessed with the movie. Showed it to all my friends and family, lived, breathed, ate, and slept The Scarlet Pimpernel. Watched it an enormous amount of times. Memorized it. The whole works.

And avidly avoided the book.

See, I have this thing. If I absolutely adore the film and see it before I read the book, I tend to like the movie more. When I do read the book, a lot of times it spoils the movie for me after I see all the glaring changes from the film that books usually have. And I did not want to read this.

So just about a year passes, and we move to Mexico. The first week we were there, all of the kids were staying at a missionary friend’s house while our parents moved our stuff in. We were kind of housesitting since they were out of town, and so we spent the days inside watching their movies and trying to keep occupied. You can only watch Veggie Tales so often before going crazy, and our friend had a huge bookshelf full of books that I began picking through.

And one of the books was The Scarlet Pimpernel. 

I fought it. I didn’t want to spoil it. But I was bored. And the temptation was just too great. Soooo I read it.

And of course, I loved it. No, it didn’t have the Epic Twist Ending (do any of the books? I’m rather surprised Baroness O didn’t think up that kind of an ending…it has her written all over it, which I have to say is a major accomplishment for the screenwriters), but it was awesome, and best of all, I could totally see and hear the characters I knew and loved on the pages of the book. My admiration for Anthony Andrews grew by leaps and bounds as I realized just how perfectly he had nailed the character, and despite Jane’s hair not fitting description, I could absolutely see her in the role. And then I discovered…there were sequels! Tons of sequels! It was like a dream come true – ever loved a movie so much you wished they had just continued the story? Being able to picture them and imagine them in the roles made it exactly that kind of experience for me. I got The Elusive Pimpernel and El Dorado for Christmas that year, and of course completely fell in love with the latter – to this day it remains my favorite TSP book – and slowly over the next few years I discovered (and continue to discover) more.

That was a really fun trip down memory lane for me. J Percy has as you know become The Most Amazing Hero on my list, and for better or for worse it’s shaped my idea of the kind of man I hope for someday. You never know! Everything comes in our lives for a reason – even the most strange and “insignificant” things. J Regardless, through a random movie search six years ago I found one of my favorite films ever, and that, my dears, is the story of how it happened.

So! What was your experience with TSP? Did the book or film come first? Stay tuned for the rest of the Leaguettes' stories! J                                     

Saturday, October 6, 2012

For You...

These wallpapers are the result of a bored Saturday a few months ago.  I'm planning on making better ones, which will be posted later, so these will have to do for now.

(This one's my personal favorite because it's my absolute favorite scene!!)

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

A Glimpse of What Might Be

Since Tom Hiddleston is the winner of the role of Sir Percy... (and well deserved the role is, I might add)... I thought it appropriate to give you all a little taste of how well he fits the part.  Sure, Shakespeare and Orczy aren't exactly on the same level, but this monologue from Henry V is TOTALLY worthy of "Into the Fire."  What think you all?

The TSP Dream Cast: Results!!!

And the Dream Cast is....
(drumroll, please)

Sir Percy
Tom Hiddleston

Romola Garai

Richard Armitage

Nicolas Giraud

Sir Andrew
David Tennant

Kimberly Nixon

Lord Hastings
Ioan Gruffud

Lord Tony Dewhurst
Orlando Bloom

Countess de Tournay
Jane Seymour

Count de Tournay
Anthony Andrews

Ian McKellen
Other members of the league?
All the actors who lost to Sir Percy and Sir Andrew and the rest of the gang....
Brendan Patricks
Rupert Friend
Jonny Lee Miller
Benedict Cumberbatch
Dan Stevens
Harry Lloyd
Jamie Bamber
Simon Woods
JJ Field
Hugh Dancy
Stephen Campbell Moore
Rupert Penry-Jones
Neil Jackson

I hope you all enjoyed this!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Polls are up!

The polls for the secondary characters of TSP are now up! Please vote! :)

Saturday, September 1, 2012

The Dream Cast: Poll Time (Part 2)

Actors suggested for Secondary characters of The Scarlet Pimpernel Dream Cast:

Sir Andrew

Brendan Patricks

age: 27 height: ?

Rupert Friend

age: 30 height: 6'1'

Jonny Lee Miller

age: 39 Height: 5'11'

Tom Hiddleston

(also suggested for Sir Percy)

Benedict Cumberbatch

(also suggested for Sir Percy and Chauvelin)

David Tennant

(also suggested for Sir Percy)

Dan Stevens

age: 29 height: 6'0''

Lord Tony

Harry Lloyd

age: 28 height: 5'1''

Jamie Bamber

age: 39 height: 5'9''

Orlando Bloom

age: 35 height: 5'11''

Lord Hastings

Ioan Gruffud

age: 38 height: 5'11''

Orlando Bloom
(see above)

Simon Woods

age: 32 height: ?

Armand St. Just

Nicolas Giraud

age: 33 height:?

Nick Jonas

age: 19 height: ?

JJ Field

age: 34 (born 1978) height: 6'1''

Suzanne de Tournay

Imogen Poots

age: 23 height: 5'4''

Louise Bourgoin

age: 30 height: ?

Keeley Hawes

age: 36 height: 5'8''

Kimberley Nixon

age: 26 height: 5'5'

Charity Wakefield

age: 31 height:?

Katie Hall

age: ? height:?

Countess de Tournay

Jane Seymour

age: 61 height: 5'3''

Catherine Jacob

age: 55 height:?

Cate Blanchett

age: 43 height: 5'9''

Count de Tournay

Anthony Andrews

age: 64 height: 6'0''

Toby Jones

age: 45 height: 5'5'

Viggo Mortensen

age: 53 height: 5'11''


Ian McKellen

age: 73 height: 5'11''

Andy Serkis

age: 48 height: 5'8''

Charles Dance

age: 65 height: 6'3''

Ciaran Hinds

age: 59 height: 6'1''

Other Members of the League:
(Vote for more than one)

Hugh Dancy

Stephen Campbell Moore

Rupert Penry-Jones

Dan Stevens (see voting for Sir Andrew)

Orlando Bloom (see voting for Lord Tony)

Neil Jackson