Monday, January 16, 2012

Oh Rats!

Pardon the un-Pimpernelish exclamation, but that was exactly my reaction. 

Recently I was reading a post on Newly Impassioned Soul that mentioned that Fairbanks was remaking The Scarlet Pimpernel, starring Neil Jackson with a $120 million budget.  I was intruigued because, well, maybe it'll be a great film.  Maybe they'll get Marguerite's looks for once.  Maybe there'll be some great quotes.  And hey, if it turns out being awful I can always rant about it begin a crime against movie-watchers. :P

But they're not even doing it.


I know I'm a little behind, because they shelved the project a few months ago, but it doesn't change my feelings.  Due to 'a change in European Union copyright laws extending them from 50 to 70 years, film adaptation rights to Baroness Orczy's classic Scarlet Pimpernel are no longer in the public domain in the U.K., which means the company's plans have been put on hold for around five years until the rights become freely available again.' 

Really, EU?  Was that absolutly necessary?  Why can't you just keep the copyright laws like they were before? 



Alexandra said...

Being the hardcore 1982 fan that I am, I found the news a bit disturbing...especially when they said they were wanting an adaptation similar to the Robert Downey Jr. version of 'Sherlock Holmes'. Not that I have a problem with the Sherlock Holmes film persay, but it took quite the departure from the original story/characters, and outraged many hardcore Sherlock fans. Anyway, all that said, so I was rather leery. But anyway. I'm not *heartbroken* that the film was shelved...but I find the whole kaboodle frustrating and...interesting.

What *I* want is a special-edition 30th anniversary DVD of the 1982 film (yes, 2012 is thiry years...sink me!)...with lots of special features and hours and hours of interviews with the actors (gloooorious thought!!!!!!) and all that fun stuff. Unfortunately (not exactly sure how it works or what happened) I think the copyright expired to the film or something like that...which means that the film isn't available anymore, which means that the only way to get the film is sky-high priced copies or Chinese bootleg copies on Ebay...pretty soon we'll only be able to get it on YouTube, probably. *sadness*. Soooooo yeah. If only we could find someway to get it back available to the public again...campaign, anyone? :-)

Anyway. There's my very-long-two-cents. :-)

Maria Elisabeth said...

I'm afraid my loyalty to TSP 1982 didn't stop me from wanting this adaptation. A bad performance just makes me appreciate the better actor more. But a 30th anniversary special edition would be wonderful. Special features, interviews..... *squeals*

Anonymous said...

Ugh... bummer. I didn't know that! I was looking forward to it (even though I "knew" it wouldn't be as good as the Anthony Andrews version)!!! Oh, well. I can wait 5 years.

Ahh, yes, Alexandra... a 30th anniversary version with hours upon hours of bonus features would be AWESOME!! : )


Alyssa said...

I have just looked on Amazon and they have the Scarlet Pimpernel in DVD and instant streaming form. Unfortunately they still don't have special features :(