Saturday, February 4, 2012

The Very Model of a Modern Major General

I found this video through this blog and it's so hilarious.

So Percy is very good at integral and differential calculus.  Thought so. :)  And he can tell us every detail of Caracatus's uniform?  I wish he'd come and describe it to me!


Miss Dashwood said...

Heehee, I do enjoy this video... and kudos to you for figuring out what he's saying! It's mumbo-jumbo to me, he sings it so fast!

Alexandra said...

Absolutely adore this vid. :-) It's so perfectly synched!

Maria Elisabeth said...

Miss Dashwood,
It is very fast. Here are the lyrics.
I admit that I had to listen to it more than once to get those quotes and the 'cheerful facts of the square of the hypotenuse' confused me no end.

Natasha Marie said...

Hehe! That was great=)