Wednesday, March 14, 2012

And This Is Why We Love Sir Percy

It isn't as if anyone needs to be reminded that we do, in fact, love our swashbuckling hero.  But when I listened to this portion of the book El Dorado this afternoon (and ended the chapter in tears), I was reminded --even if I didn't need to be-- that Sir Percy is amazing.  Unbelievably so.

This is the part that started my waterworks going (emphasis is all mine).  Because it never hurts to be reminded of someone's amazing-ness.

Armand, I know. I knew even before Chauvelin came to me, and stood there hoping to gloat over the soul-agony a man who finds that he has been betrayed by his dearest friend. But that demmed reprobate did not get that satisfaction, for I was prepared. Not only do I know, Armand, but I understand. I, who "do not know what love is," have realized how small a thing is honour, loyalty, or friendship when weighed in the balance of a loved one's need.

To save Jeanne you sold me to Heron and his crowd. We are men, Armand, and the word forgiveness has only been spoken once these past two thousand years, and then it was spoken by Divine lips. But Marguerite loves you, and mayhap soon you will be all that is left her to love on this earth. Because of this she must never know .... As for you, Armand--well, God help you! But meseems that the hell which you are enduring now is ten thousand times worse than mine. I have heard your furtive footsteps in the corridor outside the grated window of this cell, and would not then have exchanged my hell for yours. Therefore, Armand, and because Marguerite loves you, I would wish to turn to you in the hour that I need help. I am in a tight corner, but the hour may come when a comrade's hand might mean life to me. I have thought of you, Armand partly because having taken more than my life, your own belongs to me, and partly because the plan which I have in my mind will carry with it grave risks for the man who stands by me.

I swore once that never would I risk a comrade's life to save mine own; but matters are so different now ... we are both in hell, Armand, and I in striving to get out of mine will be showing you a way out of yours.

Will you retake possession of your lodgings in the Rue de la Croix Blanche? I should always know then where to find you on an emergency. But if at any time you receive another letter from me, be its contents what they may, act in accordance with the letter, and send a copy of it at once to Ffoulkes or to Marguerite. Keep in close touch with them both. Tell her I so far forgave your disobedience (there was nothing more) that I may yet trust my life and mine honour in your hands.

I shall have no means of ascertaining definitely whether you will do all that I ask; but somehow, Armand, I know that you will.

~El Dorado, chapter 34, "The Letter"

Now, if you read through all of that without at least welling up a little, then you are either a) more than human and therefore worthy of awe, or b) completely heartless and therefore worthy of pity.  Or else you just haven't quite grasped just how wonderful the Scarlet Pimpernel is.  In that case, please do go read the book posthaste.


Hayden said...


I mean, really, SOB.

I need to read this book ASAP.

Natasha Marie said...

Oh, Percy...*sobbing*

Yes, he is without a doubt the most amazing man ever. Period.

And El Dorado is my absolute favorite SP book.

Alexandra said...

Hysterically sobbing. Wailing. Everyone's looking at me.

Percy. Is. The. Best. Hero. In. Literature. Period.

El Dorado is seriously my favorite TSP book. The first is great because it introduces you to it all...but this is Percy's most "heroic" novel (And what genius to combine it with the first for the 1982 film). Ohhhhhh, I am in major fangirl mode right now. Well, not that I'm not in major fangirl mode all the time...but I'm in hieghts of ecstasy at this moment.

And the best part is I could hear Anthony Andrews speaking it. :-P Which somehow just made it ten times more epic. :-D

Sigh. Percy, Percy, Perrrrrrcccyyyyyyy...

Ok, I must leave now before I make a complete fool of myself. As if I haven't all ready. :-)

Oh, oh, ohhhhh...but I must just add the other epic quote from El very favorite TSP quote...I know it's been posted on here, but I just had to add it in the midst of heated Percy adoration...

"Marguerite bowed her head in silence. There was nothing more she could say, no plea that she could urge. Indeed, she had understood, as he had begged her to understand. She understood that long ago he had mapped out the course of his life, and now that the course happened to lead up to a Calvary of humiliation and suffering he was not likely to turn back, even though, on the summit, death was all ready waiting and beckoning with no uncertain hand; not until he could murmur, in the wake of the great and divine sacrifice, the sublime words, 'It is accomplished.'"

If you heard a plop, that was me swooning.

DEFINITELY getting off now.

Rachel Heffington said...

Oh dear. Sir Percy is so heroic one can't help but feel a glow of pride and triumph even in those tear-jerking words! Hurrah!

Maria Elisabeth said...

Never squeal and cry at the same time, it feels odd.

This is probably my absolute favorite SP quote. I've read it so many times. love, Love, LOVE.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Sir Percy... Who is Mr. Darcy compared to you?! (Or even the ever-awesome Mr. Knightly!)

I'm sorry, you guys. I didn't cry. *holds up a pillow* Please don't slap me!! I love Sir Percy, TSP, and everything distantly related to the WORD "scarlet," but I just don't get emotional much. I did tear up a little in the second Anne of Green Gables movie, though. I did tear up a little reading 'El Dorado,' too.


Anne-girl said...

I'm sitting here needing most despretly a box of tissues.

Percy is the only literary hero.