Saturday, March 3, 2012

Quote of the Week #3

Marguerite Blakeney: Can't you rise above trivialities for once?
Sir Percy Blakeney: Can't rise above anything more than three syllables, my dear - never could.
-The Scarlet Pimpernel (1934)


Miss Dashwood said...


This may come from the Lesser Film Adaptation, but it's so authentically Percy that I couldn't help laughing. :)

Alexandra said...

Hahaha! Love it!!! I will probably break down and see this version someday. The 1999 BBC version is *quite* a different story. No way, no how. :-)

TSP trivia for the day: Leslie Howard and Anthony Andrews have both portrayed Sir Percy and Henry Higgins in "My Fair Lady" (well, AA was in the musical and Leslie Howard was in a film adaptation of "Pygmalion", which is just MFL minus the songs. :-)).

Natasha Marie said...

I love the 1934 TSP film and that quote!! I think Leslie Howard made an excellent Sir Percy.

Maria Elisabeth said...

That's really cool, especially since I've had a couple of the songs from My Fair Lady in my head the whole evening.

Natasha Marie
You love it! *jumps up and down squealing* You're the first person I've met (aside from Wikipedia :D))who thinks it's a good film. I think I just might watch it after all.

(All in the interests of writing a review for the blog, of course. I'd *never* think of watching a TSP film for pure pleasure. No, of course not. ;))

Miss Dashwood said...

Alexandra, you have so many TSP-related bits of trivia! I love them! There should be a "trivia of the week" feature on this blog as well as a quote of the week...

Yes, that was a hint. Are you listening, Maria Elisabeth? :P

...Not, of course, that I should like to boss you around and "influence you in any way" on your own blog, for goodness' sake. I am just offering Helpful Suggestions.

Alexandra said...

Thanks! I am a veritable fountain of TSP/AA trivia. :-P It comes from six years' worth of hours scouring the Internet and reading every scrap of info I could find...or in other words, over-the-top obsessed. :-P

Lydia said...

hehehehehe! that is sooo Sir Percy! i want to watch this ti good? i love the one with Anthony Andrew in it!

Maria Elisabeth said...

Miss Dashwood
I love Helpful Suggestions. And if it comes to 'influencing me in any way on my own blog', I did add you as a blog author, didn't I? So you should have no compunctions in messing around this little blog as much as you like:D

Personally, I'm not surebut from what I see on, it's fairly well liked.

Natasha Marie said...

Yes, I do love it! I must have watched that version 5 times while I was creating a Lady Marguerite Blakeney dress for a costume party I went to.
Of course, I am partial to black and white classic films, which may have something to do with it;)

If anyone is interested, you can watch the 1934 TSP adaptation for free on the Internet Archive here...

Anonymous said...

Ooh, that was a good version. (Although, like Miss Dashwood said, it was the Lesser Film Adaption.) I watched it online at the website Natasha Marie gave.

Also, there is a sequel online with Leslie Howard in it called "The Return of the Scarlet Pimpernel" that was made in 1937. I haven't quite gotten up the courage to watch it yet, though.... Have any of you?


Anonymous said...

Whoops, I said the sequel had Leslie Howard in it. My mistake! It really stars Barry K. Barnes (which is probably the reason I didn't watch it...).

Sorry! : )

Natasha Marie said...

I've watched The Return of the Scarlet Pimpernel and it wasn't nearly as good as the first one, although not a bad movie as classic period films go.
Barry K. Barnes didn't do a thing for me as Sir Percy. He just didn't have it. The rest of the cast didn't impress me either.
I think I was desperate to watch anything TSP related at that point;)

Little Lady said...

I'm laughing, because I'm trying to find this pic, and I end up on your blog. Go figure! LOL