Wednesday, April 11, 2012

As If We Needed Proof

Just for the sake of the argument (not that there is any kind of argument going on, but for the sake of the argument let's say there IS an argument, okay), I thought it would be good to do a little comparison of the two most well-known portrayals of the famed Sir Percy Blakeney.  There are those of us who believe that Anthony Andrews completely, totally and unquestionably OWNS the role of the Scarlet Pimpernel.  Then there are those who think that Leslie Howard did a better job, but they aren't reading this post.  (At least I hope they're not... and if they are, I hope they change their minds.  The end.) Anyway, in case you needed proof that Anthony Andrews is The Better Man, I present for you two versions of the Iconic Poem.

Heh.  Heh. That was kind of cute.  (Laugh, please, so his feelings won't be hurt.)

And now for the piece de resistance, the video you scrolled down to see (because honestly, now, how many of you--besides me--actually watched the above video?)--the Real Thing.

Well, don't deafen the poor man (or me, because I'm listening) with your applause, ladies.  Really, now.  OUCH.


Anonymous said...

Need I even watch these?! I watched the first one because... well, I wanted to see how much I LOVED Anthony Andrews more. : )

Sink me, that was mon'strous good, Sir Percy!

Oh, and I looked for recordings, etc of AA as Prof. Higgins. : P Nothing. I did find that there WAS a recording of it, but I couldn't find even that! Talk about disappointment!


Maria Elisabeth said...


Yes, yes, there is Absolutely No Question. I'm still not sure how to politely say that to the fans of That Other Guy, but there it is.

And as to the argument, wikipedia says that TSP1934 is considered to be the definitive adaptation. I knew wikipedia was inaccurate and now I have proof.

Alexandra said...

That roar you're hearing is coming from me, m'dear. I'm making myself deaf from my applause.

Whadja say?

Anyway. NO QUESTION. But then I always knew that. :-P Bravo, bravo, bravo, AA! One of the many (and probably the biggest) reason he's my fave actor.

Alexandra said...

Yes, indeedy. Very big AA bias on this blog. Which is perfectly OK by me. :-P Like I said's the truth! :-D

Natasha Marie said...

Except...they are!
I must confess that I am one of the fans of "That Other Guy".
*ducks tomatoes*
And I rather doubt there's anything you can say to change my mind. Sorry...
*grins...and ducks*
Personally, I love Leslie Howard's recital of the poem and think his portrayal of Sir Percy is simply excellent.
However, I also very much enjoy Anthony Andrew's Sir Percy and that adaptation. I particularly enjoy how many of my favorite elements from the books were woven into the plot. It's superb and in that respect definitely superior to the 1934 adaptation.
*smiles warmly*
No matter which actor we feel is superior, I know there's one thing we all agree on - Sir Percy Blakeney is THE GREATEST HERO EVER!!! Period.


Alexandra said...


Of course! :-) This is a blog for all fans of Sir Percy, not just AA's performance of him. :-) So don't worry...we won't throw tomatoes. Well, not too hard. :-P JUST KIDDING. :-)

Seriously, it's good to get all points of view on here...even...gasp...dare I say it...the film that masquerades as TSP, also known as the 1999 BBC version.

So anyway. Percy is the greatest, no matter who plays him. I think we all can agree on that! :-)

Kira said...

Teehee, I much prefer AA. Which is funny, because I'm quite the old movie fan. What can I say, he just IS Sir Percy! Not to mention incredibly handsome and the first fellow to make me realize brown eyes are quite entrancing. ;)

Alexandra said...

Kira - how funny...I was a staunch "The Best Guys have Blue Eyes" (eep! Poet and didn't know it!) until I saw TSP1982. I have since very staunchly changed my views on the subject.

And I couldn't agree more on what you said. Especially the last sentence. :-P

Miss Jackson said...

Well, I must beg to disagree with you, and agree with Tasha. I also like Leslie Howard better. Besides, black and white film always make a movie better.

Kira said...

Absolutely! Same here! I've always adored blue eyes, and ever since I was little have staunchly declared I would marry someone with blue eyes. But my word Sir Percy, those brown eyes are certainly mesmerizing! It's rather easy to get lost in them. ;)

I am forever grateful to you and your blog and the ones like it. Two days ago I discovered The Scarlet Pimpernel, and have since watched the film twice, become totally obsessed, am planning to convert all my friends, and am going to start on the books as soon as I can find them. (As well as look up other Anthony Andrews films)
You have won another devoted fan! ;D

Maria Elisabeth said...

Miss Jackson,
I knew there was another fan of Leslie Howard somewhere. And I, at least, found that Leslie Howard did the part very well, but we all have our preferences. :)

How differently we feel! I was annoyed with the black and white film because I couldn't see everything in, well, color. I have a sneaking suspicion that I would think Leslie Howard Very Handsome Indeed if I could see his eyes in brown, instead of grey, and actually know the shade of his hair color. (Is it blondish? Or is it actually light brown? For all we know he could be hiding some grey hairs over there.)

Okay, okay. I'm just joking. Far be it from me to mock someone who played the guy who we unanimously agree to be the greatest hero period.

Miss Dashwood said...

Well, naturally everyone is entitled to their opinion, Tasha, and I must say I like Leslie Howard as an actor... just not as Percy. But don't worry, I won't throw tomatoes. :D I might endeavor to convince you though...

And I completely agree--the real thing here is that we all agree on how much we love the hero Baroness Orczy created in her books. (Scientists are, however, still endeavoring to explain where she got the time machine to travel further into the 20th century and see AA's portrayal so she could base her character on him... ahem, ahem.) Anyway. I do respect your opinions. ;)

Miss Dashwood said...

Oh, and I do have to admit that the "you sir, me sir, no sir, yes sir" thing had me giggling.

Natasha Marie said...

I thank you all for refraining from throwing virtual tomatoes at me. ;D

Miss Jackson! *high fives* I also love black and white films and, indeed, prefer them to color.

Maria Elisabeth - you can see Leslie Howard in color in "Gone With The Wind", in which he plays Ashley Wilkes...whom I cannot stand, but that's another story.
Leslie Howard did indeed have blonde hair. In fact, he was known for his golden blonde hair.

Miss Dashwood - hehe, that line always makes me giggle;)

Miss Dashwood said...

Ugh, I hate Ashley Wilkes. Wimp. He's not as bad as Rhett, but... ugh. I'm racking my brain trying to think of a male character that I actually DO like in GWTW... ummm.... Scarlett's dad?

Anonymous said...

Please... do not mention Ashley Wilkes to me at this time. He is so... ARG! Makes me mad. Such a flip-flopper. Talk about disgusting!

Yeah, I really never liked GWTW. The ONLY thing I liked in that movie was the costumes.


Natasha Marie said...

I see I am not alone in my dislike of Ashley Wilkes...;)
He's pretty much the exact opposite of Sir Percy, really.
Which explains why we dislike Ashley - we all completely adore Percy=)

Alexandra said...


Methinks that we must fund a study for scientists to finally prove to the world that she did travel forward in time. :-P

Also as I said on Maria's blog, I have become convinced that the whole "Percy-in-the-book-had-blue-eyes" thing was a total typo that made through 100+ years of printing. Some fool had the audacity to accidentally print "blue" where the Baroness wrote "brown". Because Percy has brown eyes, thankyouverymuch.

The end.

Anonymous said...

Dear Miss Dashwood,

A dear friend of mine told me about your blog and I am absolutely thrilled with it! (Not to mention that I found other Scarlet Pimpernel fans!!) I look forward to exploring more of your blog. I am already much entertained with it. :)

~Lily of the Valley

Melody said...

Haha... I find it interesting that in both of the videos it's "THEY seek him here, they seek him there," and in the book it's "we". Maybe the newer one copied the older one in some respects? Muwahaha.