Monday, April 30, 2012

I...Have a Plan.

Or rather, I...have an idea.

Ok, so background here. Sooooo my sister Belle and I sit down to watch TSP1982 the other night (I've converted her into a huge TSP/AA fan...what can I say, I'm a terrible influence...) and HORRORS, the disk had a wee crack in it (insert Ally hysterically screaming)! After some fiddling I got it to work and it plays...but naturally I went on the internet to find another copy posthaste before the Damage Becomes Irreversable. I have one of those yellow-covered Chinese bootleg versions which are like, the only version you can get now unless you pay through the nose for an original DVD ($50 was the lowest I saw, with up to like, $150...and if I hadn't been broke I would have gotten it just to have an original DVD. Yes, I would pay that much to have an original. What can I say? I'm a devoted fan).

Which got me back onto my 30th anniversary rant. WHICH then I got a sudden inspiration (twas all that Percy talk over the weekend and "One Person Can Change the World" thing).

As in, we need to do something about it. Or at least try.

"Some things I cannot change, but till I try I'll never know..." Sorry. Don't know how Defying Gravity got in there. TOTALLY off subject. Let us proceed..

From what I read on a comment on Ebay, the dudes that own the copyright stuff went bankrupt or something, and the dudes that bought it didn't renew the copyright, and somehow that had to do with it not being able to be sold on DVD anymore. As you can see I'm really educated on how it all works.

Well, actually, that's the Leaguette's job. It may be something that we can't do anything about, but we could all at least try. It's too awesome a film to just end up obscurely on YouTube (and who knows...if they change the policies someday it may not even be on that!).

My proposal is, let's all look into what it would take to get TSP1982 back on the market, if that's even possible. I'm not saying buy the copyright or whatever. LOL. I mean like...can we write a letter? Could we get a petition going? You know? Let's get into action Percy style. Again, it may be irreversible and we can't do anything about it...but hey, we tried.

(And I mean! If somehow we did...we could become famous! Hehehe. "Group of Devoted Fans Bring Classic Film Back to Viewers"...with a huge thank you from The Cast. Now I'm really dreaming. Heheheee...)   

So...look it up. Do some research (that's what I'm doing :-)) and come back with your results! Or bounce off ideas. Either way, we can't just let it go down the drain!

And even if you're not a devoted TSP1982 fan, please help us. :-) We promise to help you should TSP1934 go down the drain. Or if you're not even a TSP fan...we'll sign a petition should P&P95 ever go out of circulation. Cross my heart. (Ally crosses her heart).

So. Into the Fire and all that. I want my 30th anniversary DVD.    


Natasha Marie said...

Here, here!!
*wild applause*
I was shocked when looking for a copy of TSP1982 to see how expensive the original DVDs are on Amazon and how scarce they are! So thankful that my library has a copy.
I do love the '82 version...'specially the prison scene and the duel;D
I don't know how much research I'll be able to do, but I'm with you on this 100% and I'll do what I can.
I want my 30th anniversary DVD, too!! =D

Lauren said...

Fabulous idea! I wonder if it could work...I've wished for a DVD myself. My best friend has the original one.

Miss Dashwood said...

YESSSSSSS. I'm in. I'm SO TOTALLY IN! This is a fabulous idea.

Heehee, the end of the second-to-last paragraph (about P&P95--- I can't IMAGINE who that might be aimed at. Are you reading this, Melody?)

Come on, gals, let's do something about this!

Maria Elisabeth said...

You.... have a plan?

I must say, this is an amazing plan. It is hardly pleasant to be kept from converting my best friend into a huge TSP1982 fan because 'my' DVD is at the library. For lack of one of my own I call it 'my' DVD and I keep it for the longest time I can and retake it out as soon as I'm allowed to.

I have scoured the internet and it seems the director is dead. The producer and executive producer don't have a bio on wikipedia or IMDb, so they could be dead, for all I know.

But this thing about the guys who own the copyright at least means they should be alive. Give me their contact information and I will write millions of letters. By the time we're done they'll be glad to recirculate the it just so that they can get rid of us. :P

So let's go do something to get TSP 1982 back on the market. Yesssss, precious. I wants it.:-D

Anne-girl said...

Count me in! I a faithful leaguette do solemnly promise to help in any way shape or form that it is in my power and to try very heard to help in the ways shapes and form that are not in my power.

beastsbelle said...

Aaarrrgghhh!! I feel so foolish right now. I have the VHS copy of this movie and planned on eventually getting a copy on DVD. It wasn't a high priority, though, because my VHS was still in working order, and I figured I'd wait in case they came out with a super duper version with special features. Now I'm wishing I'd bought it when it was $15-$20! :( I guess I can be thankful that I at least have the VHS, but I'd love to see it available on DVD for a reasonable price again. VHS only lasts so long, after all! ;)

Rachel Heffington said...

I'm in! :D I'll write a letter in a brilliant Sir Percy style...hey...we could write as characters! ;) Hey...Anthony Andrews is still alive, right? Isn't he? And Jane Seymour? We can contact them and get them to plead with us! :D Brilliancy, wot?

Scullery Maid said...

If you do send them a petition I would definitely sign it!

Abby said...

It would be brilliant if we could do something! :D Do you have any contact information for the current copyright owners? They would probably be the best people to ask. Otherwise, I'd say our best bet would be the producer or director (or something like that), although I haven't had any luck finding any contact information!
And as Rachel said, contacting the actors themselves might be a good move...I've found a few means of contact for both Anthony Andrews and Jane Seymour (agents and so on) that could be a possibility :D


Alexandra said...

Ohhhh, my goodness, girls. So this is awesome. I'm so excited by y'all's response! (Yes, I grew up in the South.)

I'm looking into exactly who would be the first person to contact first...any ideas/things you find at all, please let me know! :)

Anonymous said...

Sorry your DVD has a scratch!! Whew, $150?! Whoa... and my sister and I bought it on Amazon for only $10! : ) Makes me happy we bought it!!

Amen, sister! Yes! That is EXACTLY what we should do - the 30th anniversary edition. How, I have NO idea, but we can try! (Ooh, and a huge thanks from the cast... complete with autographed pictures for each of us... *sigh*)

Maria Elizabeth is right - we should all send as many letters/emails as possible so that they'll HAVE to do it just to get rid of us! : )

Yes, Rachel!! I was just thinking that! If we had Anthony Andrews' and Jane Seymour's autographs on the petition, they'll have to do it!!

Alexandra, I think the best idea would be to write the actors - AA and JS first. Maybe even Ian McKellan. We'll write some sort of sad, sob-story letter. Maybe then THEY could offer some advice. Somebody should write it and post it on The Day-Dream, and we'll all comment and edit it.

Excellent idea, Alexandra!! Let's do it. Sign my name on the petition! INTO THE FIRE!!!


Anonymous said...

I'm back... : )

I looked on Google and a copyright website for a while to try and figure out just who has the rights to TSP1982, but couldn't find it. Never fear, I will keep looking!!

Okay, so, I also found this article about when Fairbanks ditched TSP for Ivanhoe. Quoting from it, "With a change in European Union copyright laws extending them from 50 to 70 years, film adaption rights to Baroness Orczy's classic Scarlet Pimpernel are no longer in the public domain in the U.K., which means the company's plans have been put on hold for around five years until the rights become freely available again." Soooo... Does that mean JUST the UK? I'll have a look.

More later...

Gabrielle Renee said...

I will sign a petition or a letter or something.... They should come out with a 30th anniversary DVD! I am willing to help! They should also put it on iTunes.

I am now going to read this comment page consistently.

-Gabrielle, a fan who wants a copy of TSP1982.

Melody said...

If you need numbers for petitions and whatnot, I am here. (That's all you need to know. *snorts*) It's perfectly ridiculous that it should be out of circulation, even *I* will admit that. ;-) So in case I miss something big, let me know if something big is going to happen. Or tell Amy to. :P

Haha, and I just now saw your comment, Mousie... it MMG when I randomly see my name in comments. Anyway, that's a pretty easy thing for Ally to cross her heart about, because it's most unlikely that P&P95 would ever go out of circulation. Especially since there's even a 'restored edition' now... which is nice, because then the regular ones are cheaper...

How'd I get off on that? ;P

BTW, Nick Bicat, the soundtrack composer, has contact information on his web site, but I doubt that would be of much use. He'd probably know who to contact about such things though. :P Okay that was random and un-helpul... but what can you expect from ME? I'm a Pimpernel Dud, after all. Or so it would seem.


Meagan said...

Hi there!
I received TSP 1982 for Christmas three or four years ago. It took me awhile to warm up to it, but now I love it and AA and JS are great!
Anyway, my dad got it for me, but probably picked it up while browsing, so I checked the Barnes and Noble web site. They offer the copy that I have for $24.73. It doesn't have any sort of special features
I've converted my best friend's little sister to a member of the League. Though, for the record, I'm Austen all the way! (Especially Mr. Knightley.)
Hope this helps y'all!