Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Impossible Dream

Sooooo the song "The Impossible Dream" from The Man of la Mancha is one of my favorite "Awesome Visionary Heroic Guy" kind of songs, and of course I just had to make a video to my favorite "awesome visionary heroic" guy. :-) Hope you all enjoy it as much as I did making it...I fully admit to "squeeing" several times in the making. I am not ashamed. Neither am I ashamed of the fact that I have watched it nine times since making it. Which was late last night. I am not afraid to admit honest pride in my work. Hehehe.

And so without further ado...


Miss Dashwood said...

And I, in my turn, will not be ashamed to say that this is my fifth viewing of this video and that I'm falling in love with it more each time. PERCY FOREVER.
I just can't get over how perfectly this song fits his character. Indubitably. LOVE IT. I adore the singing part, of course, but the instrumental bit from 1:45 to 1:54 with him and Marguerite is just bee-yoo-tee-full. And then 2:06 to the end is my absolute faaaaavorite. And that final "still strove with his last ounce of courage", when he's facing the firing squad... yep. I bawled unashamedly.
Lovely, lovely, lovely!

Maria Elisabeth said...

This is too perfect. If I didn't know differently I would have insisted it was made with Percy in mind.

This song is rapidly running up my favorites list. If anyone is so erroneous as to think that Sir Percy isn't amazing and wonderful and awesome and heroic this will convince them.

And the world will be better for this. MELT.

Anonymous said...

YAY!! Me and my sister both applauded at the end! : ) LOVED it. She said she was "afraid that it would be cheesy," but it fit perfectly.

Ooh, and this song is in my Broadway music piano book! Yahoo! I'm going to learn how to play it!! (I'll probably start crying every time I play it... : P)

To right the unrightable wrong - how true!

Scorned and covered with scars... you just *had* to put that part where he gets SHOT!! That's when *I* scream like Marguerite does later, "PERCY!!" (And yet, though he IS "scorned and covered with scars," we still love him!!)

And the world will be better for this... melting. ONCE MORE!!!


Alexandra said...

Yeah, well, when I wasn't squeeeeing I was bawling. :-D SO yeah. :-P

I'm so glad y'all like it!!!

Anyone who can watch this and NOT think he's awesomeness...well, something is Really Wrong. :-P

I think we are all just meeeeeeelting. Behold the puddle that is the Leaguettes (that just randomly came).

Anonymous said...

How interesting! I just recently saw the musical Man of La Mancha and I loved it! The Impossible Dream fits Sir Percy splendidly. Bravo!

~Lily of the Valley

Anne-girl said...

Teehee! This is my sixth viewing! I am certainly part of the puddle.

Anonymous said...

The puddle that is the Leaguettes... hehehe. Nice. : ) Yes, I am part of the puddle!!!

Watching this AGAIN because the song was stuck in my head all morning - a good thing!! : P


Gabrielle Renee said...

Lovely, lovely, lovely! Percy really is just wonderful isn't he? I adore AA's performance of Sir Percy! It was just phenomenal! He played the emotions so well. So I love this video and the song. I shall have to find it on iTunes. :)

A ardent Percy lover,

Anonymous said...

Okay, so, question. Now that we're watching this again (for the umpteenth time!), my sister and I are trying to figure out who it is. The second guy sounds almost like Michael Ball. Who is it?


Alexandra said...

Gabrielle -

Don't get me started on how awesome of an actor I think AA is. (girls, restrain me...please...) :-) Sir Percy is definitely the best IMO of his roles (and I've seen quite a few!) So I couldn't agree more, as our hero says himself.

Eowyn - Ok, this version is by Alfie Boe and Matt Lewis on Alfie's album "Bring Him Home". At least I'm *pretty* sure it was on that album. Anyway. If you've seen the 25th Les Miz concert, Matt Lewis played Thenardier. Not my favorite portrayal by any stretch of the imagination (Alun Armstrong is the best IMO)but I was surprised at his voice in this song! :-) And even though I wasn't *crazy* about Alfie's Valjean...his voice is lovely here. :-)

Miss Dashwood said...

*restrains Ally*

Ha! That's seriously FakeThenardier singing on that vid? Wow. I'm going to be giggling all afternoon... I KNEW I'd heard the name Matt Lucas somewhere before...