Saturday, April 14, 2012

Just an interesting quote...

Now I come to the Scarlet Pimpernel. It really is almost unbelievable, but this is just what happened. A magazine editor... asked her [in case you didn't know, 'her' refers to Baroness Orczy. This was written by her husband, Montagu Barstow] to call at his office. She went off. It was a regular London day, foggy and damp, and I didn't like her going off by herself, but she would go: The Editor told her he had an opening for a long serial story, but it must be of a very exciting and 'romantic' character. My poor wife came away from the interview feeling despondent -- she had done nothing but detective fiction so far and said she hadn't a romantic idea in her head. As she paced up and down the platform at the Temple underground station -- waiting for a train -- the place wrapped in fog and mist, she suddenly looked up and saw The Scarlet Pimpernel! She stood rooted to the spot and simply stared -- he came towards her and laughed and looked at her through his quizzing glass -- he was dressed in his caped coat and wore breeches and hessian boots: he passed her and she turned to watched him, but he had disappeared! She came home nearly frantic with excitement. All she could say was, 'I've found him -- my Hero!'

So you see the Scarlet Pimpernel does, in all reality, take a quiz sometimes at our world of to-day. Our author has often seen him since, for to her eyes he takes visible shape -- in fact, he sometimes 'barges in' when she is writing on quite different subjects, nothing to do with him at all. She looks up and finds him sitting against the angle of her desk, looking at her and smiling and she says to him, 'I'm not writing about you now, my dear man.' And she sees him smile and say, 'Oh, you think not-but I'm not demmed sure of it!'

And sometimes when she is dozing in a chair in front of the fire after her day's work, she feels he is there and looks up and finds him laughing quietly and looking at her through his quizzing-glass -- and he begins without any preamble:

'Now, m'dear, I must tell you what happened on the 3rd Brumaire in 179-- I was in Paris, you know, by the Seine, and it was a demmed disagreeable sort of day'

And he just tells her the whole story so that she is compelled to write it down -- and that's how it happens.

You may believe it or not-but it's a fact!


Miss Dashwood said...

I knew it. I knew Baroness Orczy could see into the future and write down Anthony Andrews' exact mannerisms, appearance and perfectly-on-spot portrayal of Sir Percy.

Yep, I was right. This proves it. (Not that any of you disputed the fact, haha-- and actually Ally said it first--that the Baroness had a time machine--so really SHE'S right.)

Whatever. Now I'm being nonsensical, which is of course the general idea, and I should go to bed. *goes to bed*

Alexandra said...

Maria, there was a slight missprint. It says, "As she paced up and down the platform at the Temple underground station -- waiting for a train -- the place wrapped in fog and mist, she suddenly looked up and saw...Anthony Andrews!"



Which did Baroness Orczy travel forward, or did Anthony Andrews travel back in time? I'm beginning to think the latter.

And I do so wish he'd appear to me every once in a while. How lovely that would be. Yup, yup. That sitting-on-the-desk in particular...oh, my.

(Ally plops to the floor)

Your nonsensicalness is catching, Amy. But as you know when it comes to this subject...cough, cough.

Seriously, though...that is pretty awesome. And someone *should* ask AA if he's ever experimented with time travel. Maybe Jane Seymour taught him what she learned from Somewhere in Time.

Now I'm *really* nonsensical.

Miss Dashwood said...

Hahahaha, Ally, the idea of AA learning about time travel from JS... that really made me giggle. :D

Anonymous said...

Yes, Maria - fix that mistake, please. : ) The thought of AA sitting on the desk in front of the Baroness.... No, I won't flop to the floor, I'll just smile and go back to reading 'El Dorado.' (I want to SHOOT Armand!!)


Alexandra said...

Eowyn - welcome to the "let's shoot Armand" club. No, no, girls...I don't hate him. The book version, anyway. (The movie is QUITE another matter...) But I do want to shoot him quite often. :-P Which makes me think about reconsidering that dream idea of someday playing Marguerite in some form...having to pretend to be madly devoted to Armand might be too much of a stretch for my acting powers. It just might.

Maria Elisabeth said...

Hehe, now I understand what has been puzzling me for a long time. The Baroness saw AA at the train station, of course, complete with the brown eyes, but the whole place was wrapped in fog and mist so she couldn't really see them. Then, when she was describing him she randomly wrote 'blue' for his eyes. When she actually saw him sitting at the angle of her desk (that would be one of the best experiences an author could have!) and saw that his eyes were brown, not blue, it was too late to change the book.

Anne-girl said...

Maria you are right. That is exactly the way it happened. Oh my word that is exactly the way my characters are! They just walk around acting like real people and getting in the way. {Here the sage says that he doesn't get in the way I get in the way,he has a mess to make}. Now looking at that I feel stupid because that had nothing to do with what you were all talking about but I'm going to publish it anyway because I'm tired f deleting comments I wrote.

Alexandra said...

Maria, well, either that or she read the same People interview I did that said he had blue eyes (seriously, people, were you even looking at him?!) and then during the desk visit realized they were brown but it was too late.

Hehe. This has been way too much fun. :-D

Miss Dashwood said...

Of course. The fog and mist explains it all, Maria--sink me, if you aren't right. (I won't say for a change.)

Anonymous said...

Alexandra - HA! I don't much care for him - book or movie. I mean, seriously! I think I *used* to like him a lot - back when I'd only read TSP and seen the movie - but I'll have to read TSP again to remember why. He's making me pretty mad right now.

You guys are all totally right about the eye color and fog thing. She couldn't see right. : )