Saturday, May 26, 2012

I agree completely

I've been going through the 'You know you're obsessed when.....' page on Blakeney Manor and sink me, it's been rather amusing.  My instant reaction is"Oh yes, of course!" to almost all of them and to almost all the rest: "What a good idea!  I should do that!"

Here are some that I just couldn't resist putting here.

4.'ve made an SP webpage.
Does a blog count?

5.'ve read all the books at least twice and have whole chapters memorized and recite them on

I'd recite them on demand, but no one ever demands it. :(

7. take weeks and weeks of your spare time to write an SP fanfiction.

13. research encyclopedias and internet webpages to understand what exactly happened in the French Revolution.
Of course.

14. ...your "nom de plume" is a character from any SP thing.
Only I can't decide which one.  I do periodically change my screensaver to go with the wives of the members of the League.  It has Yvonne de Kernogan right now.

15. try to perfect every movement of Anthony Andrews/Percy from the 1982 movie, including dancing and swordfights, but are never quite as perfect as he is.
Unfortunately not.

27. ...your family knows who Sir Percy, Margot, Chauvelin and every other main person from ANY thing that has to do with TSP is and dives for cover when you say, "They seek him here..." 
My poor family.

33. watch a movie and instead of thinking how well the leading actor plays his part, you wonder if he would make a good Sir Percy.
Done, with actors AND real people.

34. spend more time thinking about how many people you've turned into Pimpernelites than you do figuring out how much money you have. 
Let me see: my younger sister, my friend Sjanie, my friend Allison, a randon person at a conference.  Let's not talk abou the money.

50. research the French Revolution in history books for references to the daring exploits of the Scarlet Pimpernel and are surprised and indignant at finding no mention of him.
Guilty.  But one of the books did! I was so delighted.  The fact that they said he didn't exist is too ridiculous to be listened to.

54. name all of your pets, (or mostly) with names from the Scarlet Pimpernel.
My dogs: Sir Andrew Ffoulkes and Lord Anthony Dewhurst. 

58. are shocked and furious when your gifted teacher fails to know the correct dates of the French Revolution; you then hop in to give a little lecture.
I HAVE done this to history books and my French book.

61. ...the instant conversation lulls, you pipe up with "Sink me, have you ever seen that stunning movie The Scarlet Pimpernel?" When they reply with "Never heard of it" you take out your calendar and set a date when you can get together and watch it with them, just so you have a reason to see it again, and elaborate on the finer details of the plot.
"What have you been doing?"  "Oh, I've read this great book." Yup.

65. hear someone disparagingly referred to as a fop and take an instant liking to that person.  Too true.

68. ...every time you read a fan fiction, you cringe any time something conflicts with Orczy (since you have every detail memorized), forgetting the meaning of fanfiction.
Naturally.  Fan fiction is supposed to be written by FANS, who WILL have every detail memorized.

79. ...when reading in history books about the unsuccessful attempts to rescue the royal family your first reaction is "of course it didn't work, Sir Percy didn't come up with the idea!"
Rathah.  Or, "Why didn't Sir Percy think of doing that?

83. ...even though your parents wont let you take French, you get a kick out of shortening "Spanish" in your planner to "SP"
Salt and Pepper.  Thus, SP.

105. ...Scarlet Pimperenel characters find their way into your dreams.
Guilty.  Characters from most of my favorite books do.

93. ...on hearing the phrase "national anthem" you immediately jump up and start singing Le Marsailles!
Allons enfants de la patrie, la jour de gloire et arrive...  Yes.  Only I don't know the tune.

110. start wondering why your P.E. class doesn't offer dueling as one of its activities. 
Well, why not?

114. ...when confronted with a locked door, you immediately say, "Open in the name of the Republic!" 
Guess what I will be saying for the next week...

121. thoroughly hate--and feel sorry the same time. 
Of course!

124. can successfully communicate with your friends for hours about any topic using only lines from the movies.
Rathah.  Only most of my friends haven't watched it, which is a real pity.

149. scour the jewelry section of every store you go to until you find a ring with a small star-shaped red flower on it, you promptly buy it and wear it everywhere. 
Please?  My birthday is only in six months.  Won't you get me an early birthday present?

152. hum the films tune in your head all day for 10 years. 
I haven't had it in my head for ten years, but ten years from now...


Vellvin said...

149. scour the jewelry section of every store you go to until you find a ring with a small star-shaped red flower on it, you promptly buy it and wear it everywhere.

So want a ring like that!

An Old-Fashioned Girl said...

Ha, ha! What a delightful post! I totally agree with questions 7 and 27, and I sooo wish I had a ring like the one described in 149!

Alexandra said...

Agree completely!!!

Ok, so I had an idea to make our own page of "You know you're obsessed with TSP"...what think ye? I started making a list the other day...anyway. We could have people contribute in comments or something and make a big work-in-progress page of them.

Anyway. Just a thought! :)

Oh, yeah, so true about the ring. Every time I go in Charming Charlie I scour the red section for a star-shaped flower ring. None yet, obviously. :-D

Anonymous said...

HA!! Why have I never seen this before?! Thanks for including the link. (I even paused my High Kings music to read them - what a fan I am... : P)

My personal favorites are 114 (Hehehe... I'll be saying that now, too!!!!), 101 (I could SO see myself doing that!!) and 69. (You should have seen me when I realized about Les Miz being with a revolution in France. I seriously asked my sister, "Oh, my word!! Is that the same revolution?!" Thankfully, it wasn't. Although, I would have gladly shot down Enjolras and even Marius instead of being against Sir Percy!!)

You seriously have dogs named Sir Andrew and Sir Tony?! HA!! That's so awesome!! If we ever get a pet, I'll either name it Sir Percy or Tony (who is my favorite member of the League).

And I loved the idea about the ring. I am SO going to have to look for it now. I didn't much care for Charming Charlie before (not being a girly-girl), but now.... My birthday is six months away but I already know what I'm going to ask for. : D

Alexandra - Good idea! I'll have to brainstorm... don't think I could be as funny as the people who made up all the ones on Blakeney Manor. : P

Sink me, I need to copy these and paste them up on my wall. Vive a la Scarlet Pimpernel!!!


rosemaryinwheat said...

Just popping up to say that I'm so pleased the Pimpernel is still wooing new fans (if you're under ten years, as above, you're slightly newer than myself).

Just this morning one of my dearest friends admitted she's adoring the original novel, which i loaned her as soon as I realized the unfortunate gap in her literary experience. We're already planning an SP movie night. I'm thinking the Andrews/Seymour, followed by Pimpernel Smith (said friend has a fascination with WWII).

Thoroughly enjoying this blog, it's wonderful to read your reviews of the novels.


PS: Check out for print version of the novels.

Miss Melody Muffin said...

I'm also guilty of many of these!

Oooh, great idea Alexandra! I'd definitely contribute!

Maria Elisabeth said...

I heawtilly appwove. (In other words, do it, DO IT, please)

I didn't know that the Les Mis revolution and the TSP revolution were different. Even if I've never read it, I thought I was reasonably acquainted with the story and setting. Ouch.

When you first said that I thought, "What! If it's not the 1700s revolution, isn't the 1870 revolution a little late? The rebellion of 1832 didn’t even come into my head. If there's anyone that needs to be rescued in that one, let's see... Sir Percy would be seventy. Hmmmm.

Seriously? Well, everyone else calls the dogs Chester and Rex, but that is neither here nor there.

I think all of us, actually, have known about TSP for less than ten years. My own introduction to it was precisely six months, three days, and a few hours, ago.

Anonymous said...

Maria Elizabeth - I didn't know it, either, 'til my older (and far wiser) sister told me. : P Guess I need to read up on my history.

Sir Percy at seventy... hehehe. : ) Wonder which side he'd be on...?

HA! Nice. : D