Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Nana Nana Nana Nana Nana Nana Nana Nana PERCY!

I found this gem while skimming "The Great Comic Book Heroes".

Extra special Leaguette points* to the best contrast between Sir Percy's debasing idiot-fop to certain other "secret identities".

*Leaguette points are non-salable, non-transferable, and will do you no good whatsoever toward the purchase of prizes, games, toys, and other items we do not have in a store.  Limit two per awesome comment. 


Anonymous said...


Hmm... let me see... what superhero is Sir Percy most like? Uh... Spider-Man? He wears a costume and saves people, just like Sir Percy. Except, Sir Percy is way better than Spider-Man could ever be. : P


Anna Grace said...

Haha! That's amazing! :D As for the 'purchase of prizes, etc., we do not have in a store"....wouldn't that be amazing if there was a whole line of toys and such that were different characters from TSP? And Halloween costumes where you can dress up with a cape, awesome hat, and a cravat and be Sir Percy?? Wow! That would be soooo cool! :D


Alexandra said...

Well, Superman is my favorite superhero...as Clark Kent he is bumbling, stupid, and geeky-what-not. I think he's clever (and like Percy) in the sense that he has to act like someone he's not (and successfully convince everyone, including the girl he loves) and hide that persona that he really is. So Superman's my vote. :-P

Also, I just LOVE that Percy was the first "Superhero". Seeing all the advertising for the recent superhero films makes me giggle. "You wouldn't be here, Marvel, if it weren't for Percy!!!!"


Madeleine Durand said...

I think my favorites are (next to Percy, of course) Zorro and Batman. Because they both (like Percy) do their thing without "super powers." Not that I have anything against super powers, it just makes them all the cooler when they can do without! Zorro and Percy are the coolest of all, though, because they don't even have the help of modern equipment. They are awesome... 'nuff said. (Not to mention their disguises... and just downright cool clothes!)

Anne said...

Miss Eowyn: Percy is the best, ‘nough said. And if anyone says otherwise, Leagettes will rain fire on you. It's not nice.
Anna: Yes! It is a great idea! In fact, I am thinking up the knitted doll already: Percy in full fop, Percy as old hag hiding Aristos (With potato sacks!), Percy with removable false nose…
Alexandra: Christopher Reeve? Yes! He has a nice strength about him. In fact, on your recommendation I grabbed “Somewhere in Time” from the five dollar bin at walmart, and I am still not sure if that was a good thing. Great music, anyways.
Madeleine: I am very fond of Batman myself… And I like the deeper, physiological angle to the new movies. And the “ordinary guy” thing is pretty great too!

Right now I really can’t say who Percy is most like, because I haven’t seen his movie to prove it, but after seeing the Avengers, would take a stab at Captain America. Ok, it could be because he is a doppelganger to my “Book Percy” , but he is also a born leader, very brave, and self sacrificing.

But of course anyone looks bad next to The Scarlet Pimpernel.

Anna Grace said...

Hey, I found a TV series that I think some of you guys would like. :D It's called "Upstairs, Downstairs". There's a re-make of it that was on TV a few years ago, but I'm talking about the one from the 1971-75. It's about a family in the early 1900's-1930 in England. It's about their life and the life of the servants. (Kind of like Downton Abbey....though WAY better) (Like...there's nothing inappropriate in it). Don't know if you've heard of it or not.

Anyway. In series 5, episode 13, 14, and 16, Anthony Andrews is in it. And he is SUPER-DOOPER cool! :D Way cooler than in Ivanhoe! (in my opinion). You don't have to watch any episodes before that for it to make sense. I didn't. *grin*

Here's the link on youtube, for anyone who wants to watch it. It's perfectly clean, except for some brief not-even-that-bad language. Per usual. :P But none to write home about, as the saying goes.

Just skip episode 15, unless you really want to watch it. It's pretty depressing at the end. Although, it does mention stuff in it that is referred to in episode 16.

Anyway! I thought I'd tell you AA fans about it! :) My sister and I were geeking out about his character yesterday. *grin* He plays a Duke's son. *smirk* He fits those roles perfectly, doesn't he?

So here it is! It's good, so watch episode 13, 14, and 16. :) Hope you like it! If you do, please tell me! (either on my blog {littlemebigcreator.blogspot.com} or in one of these comments.) ;)