Friday, May 18, 2012

We See Them Here, We See Them There...Part Two

Ian McKellan and Anthony Andrews in TSP1982

And welcome back to another episode of We See Them Here, We See Them There! Nice, no?


As we all know, Ian McKellan and Anthony Andrews played Chauvelin and Sir Percy Blakeney respectively in the 1982 film. (Hurrah!)

 In the sixties (sorry for not having the exact date :-P) Ian McKellan played the title role in a version of David Copperfield that to my knowledge is not available for viewing (I think there might have been a stage version as well...). He later played a deliciously disgusting cameo as Mr. Creakle in the 1999 adaptation of the same story. (Is it just me or is it enormously hard to imagine Ian as David?!)

In 1974, Anthony Andrews magnificently portrayed James Steerforth in yet another adaptation of David Copperfield (a spot on job, in my very humble opinion - and that's saying a lot considering Steerforth is probably my favorite character in the story). He would later play a Very Mean and Grim (but with, I must admit, fantastic hair) Mr. Murdstone in the 2000 adaptation.

I always crack up when Mr. Creakle in the 1999 version tells David that "I knew your father"...I always add, " another life he beat me in a duel." Hehe.    


Hayden said...

haha! You're I "knew your father" bit made me smile. :)

That's very interesting! I didn't know the two of them were so involved in the story of David Copperfield :)

Anna Grace said...

Hello! I just found this blog while reading TSP for the first time. 0.0 I LOVE it!!!!!! :D Sadly my sister is not very compasionate on me and will not allow me to talk about awesome Sir Percy, Sir Andrew, Marguerite and the rest for very long. Pity. *I'm one of those girls who have to talk about something when I see/read something new or I'll explode* ;)

So, just wanted to say I'm an official fan of Percy Blakeney, and think he could outsmart the 'amazing' Sherlock Holmes anyday!! :D

We own a copy of TSP 1935 version, which I used to watch all the time when I was little and be amazed by the elusive Scarlet Pimpernel! My sister and I would watch the ending scene many, many times and laugh at it every time. (she never saw the whole thing. It was too boring for her..... Odd's fish, seeing as she's three years older than I! *see what I did there?!*)

Anywhoo.... Today I saw the 1982 version (twice, actually...) after finishing up TSP! Oh my goodness! I see why you guys love it so much!!! :D I'm already going around saying such terms as Sink me! And Begad! And Odd's fish!

Well, I'll deffinately be reading this blog from hence forth and am looking forward to reading another TSP book. Any suggestions as to which one to read next? :D

Sink me!

P.S. I canNOT imagine Ian McKellen as David Copperfield! O.o

Anonymous said...

Nice!! I loved seeing Ian McKellan in David Copperfield as Mr. Creakle. I couldn't take him seriously, though... : )

"In another life he beat me in a duel" - HA!!!!

Anna Grace - Welcome to The Day-Dream!!! So glad you enjoyed TSP and very glad you found our little blog (that I frequently frequent... : P). Which book to read next? El Dorado, without a doubt. I just finished it for the first and a half time and it is amazing! (Sir Percy's seventeen-day prison stay and what we call The Prison Scene is required reading around here. Kidding... but I read it a lot.) : ) Hope you like it as much as I did!


Alexandra said...

Anna Grace - welcome, welcome! I totally and completely second Eowyn's recommendation - anyone who calls themself a TSP fan MUSt read El Dorado. It is the very best TSP book in my opinion and yes, the Prison Scene is one of the most epic scenes in literary history. So definitely read it!

Anna Grace said...

Hello Alexandra and Eowyn! (we named our cat Eowyn... You know, cause LOTR is amazing) ;) I thought about reading El Dorado, but our library has to order it! :P it might take up to FOUR weeks to come!!!!!!!! (I hate my library now) :P lol! instead, while I'm waiting for it, I checked out The Elusive Pimpernel. Just started it! <3 and I can tell you guys like The Prison Scene. The last few days I've been reading your old posts and have heard it mentioned a ton of times! :D hehe!

Oh! And mission accomplished! My sister, after I forced her to sit down and watch TSP1982, wanted to watch it again! The NEXT day!!! :D hehehehehe!!! Now I'm bribing her into starting to read TSP. Sad. I had to offer her the rest of my pizza if she would read the first three chapters! Lol! She's reading it now, though! So hey! *grin* whatever works! :D

Anna ;)

Anonymous said...

Anna Grace - Yes, LOTR is amazing. Thus my online name. : ) (I know it's highly impossible, but I'm almost as excited about 'The Hobbit' this December as I am about Sir Percy. Almost. : P) My friend and I just watched the Extended Editions for the first time over a few weeks. So good!! (But, ahem, this is not about LOTR. This is about Sir Percy. Excuse me.)

I got it on my sister's Kindle on Amazon for free. : ) OOOOOOR, you can go on The Blakeney Manor, which has ALL of the books online. The only thing wrong with that is you have to read it on the computer. : P Anyway, I've been copying the files of the books Amazon doesn't have and converting them into files that can go on the Kindle. (I don't know if that's legal or not....) That's how I've been reading Sir Percy Leads the Band.

Yes, The Prison Scene is highly liked around here! Probably my favorite scene in El Dorado!! : )

Sweeeeeet! Keep working on her, and I'm sure you'll convert her in no time! (I just found out, btw, that one of my "friends" isn't a Sir Percy fan any more! Says she's seen it too much! If I didn't know that Sir Percy wouldn't approve, I would have slapped her. But I restrained myself and told her to read the book, which she said she would.)


Miss Melody said...

When Amy told me a while back that Chauvelin was Mr. Creakle I had a severe attack of laughter. Heehee.

I saw the beginning-ish of the 2000 version, and I thought AA's Mr. Murdstone was... er... too likable. Heh.

Miss Melody said...

P.S. If you're going to do "We see HER there", we would see Jane Seymour in many places. Teehee. She has such an interesting variety of period drama roles...

Oh, but two of them were both famous, beautiful actresses with pompadours, which has always amused me. ;-)

Anna Grace said...

Yes! LOTR is very, very, very good! And I am also extremely excited for The Hobbit to come out! (took them long enough!) But as you said: this is not a LOTR blog, but one for Sir Percy. So!

I would not at all like to read the book on the eyes would hurt and it's just not old-fashioned enough for my taste... :) Kindle, eh? I think I may actually just buy the book for 10 $ from Barnes and Noble. :) I know I'll like it, so...I won't be wasting my money! (like *cough* *cough* The Hunger *cough* Games! *cough* :P) (I didn't like case you can't tell......Sir Percy Blakeney is WAY cooler than any of the characters from that series.....)

Back to TSP!! (I get distracted WAY too easily!) :D My sister told me yesterday that she LOVED TSP and that he's the coolest actor out there and our favorite scene is the one right after the wedding.... *dies* POOOOOOOOOOORRRRRRRRRRRRRR PPPPPEEEEEEEERRRRRCCCCCCCYYYYYYYY!!!! O.O *sniff* I feel so bad for him when he finds out! :'(

Anyhoo! I shall finish The Elusive Pimpernel...(I was reading it and was like: Come on, Sir Percy!! Enter the book!.....and then when it mentions Marguerite hearing his laugh I about squealed like a dope. Hey! How can you NOT when it comes to Sir Percy??)....and then I'll buy El Dorado. :D


p.s. I am sad because I can't find Ivanhoe (1982) anywhere except for Netflix. But it takes a few days to come. :(

p.p.s. that is the cheapest place I could find the movie! O.O Is it just not made anymore? Or what's it's deal??

p.p.p.s. Have any of you seen the movie from the 40's called "Pimpernel Smith"? I am going to watch it tonight hopefully! (It's instant on Netflix, for any of you who have that) Leslie Howard (again) plays a guy who is a quite, nerdy, archaeologist in Holland (?). At night he helps Jews escape from the Nazi's... then his students discover who he is, and so they help him and form (of course) the League.... :D A funny thing about that is, a guy named Raoul Wallenberg was inspired after watching that movie to help many Jews escape from the Nazi's.....He ended up rescuing thousands of them!!!

All because of Baroness Orczy!! :D

p.p.p.p.s. My comments are way to long.

Anonymous said...

I certainly DID take them long enough to make The Hobbit! And all that nonsense about Del Torro doing it - utter and copmlete silliness. I'm SOOO happy that PJ is directing it. : ) ANYWAY!

Me, neither. (Thus, the ebooks...) $10 on B&N, did you say? Ooh, I might have to get it. It's totally worth it, and I'd love to have it sitting on my bookshelf. The Hunger Games... ugh. Do not mention that to me at this time! : ) I got the first one for my birthday, then returned it without reading it. I haven't seen the movie and I don't want to. I mean, seriously - why make a movie about kids KILLING other kids while there are other, EPICER movies to be made?! (Such as, *cough, cough* The Scarlet Pimpernel starring Neil Jackson that was supposed to be made this year but isn't *cough, cough*) Sorry, I have an opinion about THG. : )

YAY!! *Does a Mr. Collins jig* Sink me, you've done it! So happy for you! Applause! Oh, my stars, yes. I know exactly what you mean about the wedding scene. His FACE, people! Nearly moved me to tears - and I don't get emotional very easily. (Well, *cough, cough* I did actually cry a LOT this morning reading a book. Most I've cried from entertainment since October Baby....)

Good idea! And screaming when Sir Percy comes on the scene is NOT dopey. (If it was, well... let's just say that I'd be more than a few fries short of a happy meal.) Sir Percy is one of the few things in life to laugh and shriek about - he's more heroic than any Hollywood "hero" on the silver screen today. BY FAR. I had to tell myself to start breathing again when he showed up in Sir Percy Leads the Band. LOL!!


PS: Same, here! It WAS on YouTube, but I can't find it any more. Sadness!

PPS: $20. Wow. My sister and I bought it three years ago for only $10 on Amazon! What is this world coming to?! This is why The TSP1982 Project HAS to suceed!!

PPPS: Did you watch it? How was it?! I've heard of it and it's actually the next movie in our Netflix queue, I think. (I have to get around to sending Ivanhoe back. I just can't!! It was too good!!!) It sounds SO cool. Can't wait!!!

PPPS: Then mine are, too. : )

Anna Grace said...

In my defense (I totally agree with you about THG, btw) I had only heard a tiny bit about the plot, and did not know the characters would be so annoying! (seriously...I wanted to hit the girl across the face many times.....Sir Percy would never have treated ANYone the way that she treated someone in it).....

And the Hobbit....My sister and I are so geeky, we're going to dress up (complete with cape....though not NEARLY as cool of a cape as Percy does in that one scene...) and go opening night. :D Yes. I am very happy PJ is doing the movie. :) OOh! And I'm excited about Thorin. *gasps* I never would have thought that I'd ever say that..... (I hated Thorin in the book, by the way) But....I got to say....Richard Armitage is a great actor! (North and South *sigh*, Guy of Gisborn from Robin he's bad in that......)but never the less! He acts remarkably well....(not as well as AA in TSP1982, though....) *smirk*

$10 on Amazon? Wow. Very different than the 120-some-odd-$ it's now selling for. :P

*huge silly grin on face at "does a Mr. Collins jig"* Bahahahaha!!!! That's great! And yes! It's funny, she and her cousin (my cousin, too...) have written books for years, and they're starting up one again. They're in the middle of figuring out their *very* complex plot and Molly (my sis) said to me in exasperation: "Ugh! ALL my writing stinks!! TSP is SOO much better! And Sir Percy is SOO much cooler than any of my characters! :("....and then the conversatino quickly changed to Sir-Percy-awesomeness. Yeah. So TSP has it's disadvantages too....*ducks behind rocking-chair in corner of room and hides behind a quilt to be clear of flying objects* :D Poor sis. ;)

And the wedding scene when he finds out....... it's not only his face (which I about died and cried at the same time) but his voice when he says "All of them?" AHHHH! *cries* SUCH. A. GOOD. ACTOR!!!!!! *sniff* *sniff* (And btw...I love Sir Tony in that scene....)

I am loving The Elusive Pimpernel! :D And Sir Percy is just as witty and hysterical as ever in his come-backs to Chauvelin! 8-D

I never got to watch the movie last night (bummer) but I'm probably going to do so tonight. :) Excited to see it.

They took Ivanhoe off Youtube??? *hates Youtube now* How dare they!? hmm. Well, I just put it at the top of our Netflix it'll be here in a few days. :D

And it's true! He is way more heroic than any "Hollywood hero on the silver screen" today. After watching The Avengers the other day... (and I really liked it, btw....[**interruption** -- I have a hard time hating Loki in it. Especially since I LOVED the actor's character in 'Return to Cranford'....don't get me wrong. I didn't like Loki....**interruption is over**]...)....and I really liked one of the characters. Then, after reading/watching TSP...the character was like...not nearly as heroic as Sir Percy......Something about snatching a few aristocrats from France during the French Revolution seems more daring than facing an alien army.....(perhaps that's because aliens don't exist...?) Anyway!! I get WAY too distracted! I've got have ADHD....I just know it! I'll have conversations with Molly (my sis) and interrupt myself about ten times before I get around to telling her what I had originally meant to tell her....There I go again.

As this comment is getting out-of-hand...


P.S. I got to tell you! When Molly saw TSP 1982 with me, she first thought that Sir Percy's first disguise was how he was going to look throughout the whole thing (O.O)....(that would be....odd.) Then she did this face - 0.o - when he started speaking his rhyme for the first time in his foppish accent. Hehehe!

P.P.S. I called our video store to see if they had Ivanhoe (they didn't)...and he DIDN'T know how it was spelled!!!!! *dies* and after I spelled it out to him he asked if it was one or two words! What is this world coming to?

Anonymous said...

Anna Grace - Yup. Sir Percy is such a gentleman... : )

Oh, my word!!! Seriously?! My sister and I wanted to do that SOOO bad, but we thought we'd look weird, so we only wanted to do it with people we know. Yes, Thorin... : ) He looks so cool in all the production pics! I've never read the book, but I'm GOING TO before I see the movie - probably this summer. (So many books to read, so little time...) North and South... oh, yes. Love that movie. : )

I know! Sadness, peoples.

Hehehe... that's what I think sometimes, too. I've just decided that my characters will never be as awesome as Sir Percy, and that is that. I'll leave his awesomeness up to the Baroness Orczy. Yeah, it's got it's disadvantages... but VERY FEW!!! : )

*sigh* Yes. Oh, my stars he's such a good actor. My favorite scene from the 1982 movie is when he saves the dauphin. He looks coolest and most heroic in that scene. : ) Ooh, Tony. He's so cool! (I've said it before and I'll say it again - Tony's my favorite member of the League... by far!)

I really liked it, too! I'll have to read it again. Ooh, I also really liked I Will Repay. Percy's such a genius in that one!

Let me know how it is! I want to see it really bad... : )

Yeah!! I was SO mad. It's so good... : )

Yup. I haven't seen The Avengers, but I'd sort of like to. I don't know. Yeah, saving innocent people from dying is way better than aliens. WAY better. : )


PS: Hehehe... Funny! : D

PPS: Silly people. Classics are slowly being forgotten. Can't let it happen with The Scarlet Pimpernel!!!

PPPS: One of my own, lol. I found the link to your blog and really liked it and thought I should leave you mine... if I haven't already. : P I'm in the middle of a series of posts on Les Miz, which I saw a few weeks ago and loved! : )

Anna Grace said...

You should definitely dress up for The Hobbit!! :D Besides, the way I figure it -- a TON of LOTR nerds are going to go to it! You wouldn't be the only one. :) And yes. You need to read The Hobbit before it comes out.

I just read it a few years ago, so I might not read it again before December. I'll have to see if my TSP/Eight Cousins/Little Men book list will allow me to. (I've already read Eight Cousins and Rose in Bloom, along with Little Men and Jo's Boys.....but it's been awhile).

Ooh yes! When he saves the Dauphin is a VERY cool scene! I love when they're hiding in the tree. *smirk*

I got to say, Sir Andrew is my favorite one I've read about so far, but if Tony in the book is anything like he is in the movie -- I've got to agree with you. He is pretty cool!

hmm...I Will Repay, huh? *checks to see if library owns a copy*

So, I've seen about half of Pimpernel Smith so far. *smiles* LH is amazing as the guy (of course). Instead of being really foppish (that word IS fun to say...) he's very nerdy about antique artifacts. hehehe! There were definitely some really funny scenes! Although, I got to say, one of the men from the 'league' (not sure what it's called in the movie), is VERY, VERY, VERY annoying! O.o

Speaking of LH....I just re-watched the 1934 version of TSP. :) I've got to say: If AA had a few of LH's lines, it would be perfect! (well, it already is pretty perfect, but the AA Sir Percy doesn't have as many of the witty lines as the LH version has. :)

Thanks! :) I just checked your blog out and I loved it! :D *clicks the 'follow' button* Les Miz! I'm reading that book in school next year and am really looking forward to it! I'd love to see the musical, though! Someday....


Anonymous said...

Anna Grace - : ) We've got a comment war going. But it's friendly, so I guess we can't call it a *war*. Sink me, it must just be a conversation. lol

I don't know... I might. : ) I'm doing a big history project and one of the things I'm most likely going to do is make an authentic Scottish costume (to wear while I eat the authentic Scottish meal I research and make.... : P). The pattern I have picked out could fit for a LOTR-themed costume, so I guess it'd work. Maybe. I have to be brave... like Sir Percy. : ) And don't worry - I WILL read the book before December.

Ooh, are you a Louisa May Alcott fan, too?! Nice! Eight Cousins and Rose in Bloom.... sighhhhh. Love, love, love those. : )

Yeah!! I've been screencapping a lot of it (just got the DVD back - wahoo!), and, hehehe, about 25% of the pictures are from that one, 5-minute scene. Yes, Sir Percy is very heroic in that scene. : D

I think Sir Andrew is the closest to Sir Percy (definitely says that in El Dorado), but I personally like Tony. He's pretty awesome (and, hello, he actually obeys Percy... unlike *some* people I could mention... *cough* Armand! *cough*).

Well, yeah - anyone who even remotely portrays Sir Percy in any time period should be amazing. I think it's on YouTube. If I can't wait for the DVD to come, I'll just watch it there. : P

Yeah, I think that's the (one) thing I liked about the 1934 version of TSP. "Who, sir? You, sir?" "Yes, sir!" "No, sir!!" Funny, but isn't as good as AA. Just sayin'.

Yay! Join the half-dozen other followers. : P Thanks. I've heard the beginning is a little... I wouldn't say boring, just Jean Valjean isn't in it. Haven't read it, but the musical is REALLY good! (Just a few slight things I'd change, but I've already said that a few times already on my blog... and I'll probably say it again. : P)


Anna Grace said...

Yes...I suppose it wouldn't be considered a 'war'. :)

Ooh! A Scottish outfit? You'll be a bonny lass in tha'! Okay. Random, terrible, Scottish accent. Moving on.

Yes! I loved Eight Cousins and Rose in Bloom! Mac is so, so, so, SO sweet!! And I loved Archie, too. And Charlie (even in Rose in Bloom....I felt really sorry for him.) :( *sniff* Rose in Bloom was the first book I ever actually cried while reading. I. mean. Bawled. :'( The moment Archie started crying in front of Rose, I was crying until the end of that whole scene. *sniff* *sniff*

Okay, now that I just got myself completely depressed....

Ah yes. Sir Tony actually obeys Percy. *glares at a certain other person of the League*... Unlike some. OH, and I loved in the book how much Suzanne and Andrew kept gazing at each other! Hehe! They're sweet.

Hey, don't get me wrong! The '82 AA version is definitely the best version! I just don't think it had *quite* as many of his jokes. I mean, he was hysterical in the way he acted and all of his inside jokes and such, but I don't think he had quite as many jokes to which everyone laughed at. Anyway, like I said. AA is the best Percy out there!! :D I loved the part in the '34 version when he's teaching Chauvelin how to tie his Cravat! Haha! (I hated that version of Chauvelin, btw)

Hey! I've only got 9 followers...and I think that one of them is repeated accidentally... :) And I stole your literature character tag.... he. he. that will be fun to do. :D

Yeah, we own a copy of one of the movie versions of Les Miz and I loved it! (Until the end). I also hated the girl's beau. :-P Very annoying. At least in the adaptation we have. :)

Ooh! Tonight I'm going to finish Ivanhoe! :) I saw a little bit of it but then decided to watch the rest later this evening. :) I like him. :D my sister didn't like it as much (as far as we have gotten at least) because Wilfred was not in it much. :P His good acting makes up for that. He's good at being the wounded hero. ;)


Anonymous said...

Anna Grace - Too true. : )

Yes!! I can't wait! I bought the fabric the other day... *sigh* Looks SO cool already, and it's not even sewed yet! : P

I KNOW!!! Mac is one of my favorite literary characters. Yes, Archie, too, and Charlie. : )Oh, my gracious, yes. Such a sad scene!!!


That's very true. *deathly glare at an unnamed person in the League* Yup! They're so great for each other.

That's right. I'm going to have to watch it again sometime soon. HA!! Yeah, that Chauvelin was not the best... : P

Hehehe... well, now I have a grand total of eight. Wahoo!

Which version? The one with Liam Neeson? The girl's beau... Marius? I'm doing an entire post on him later... Little sneak peek for my blog. : )

Cool! It's SOOOO good. I know! So amazing. It's hard to watch him as Ivanhoe, though, and all half-dead and all. I was like, "NOOO!! PERCY!! Oh, wait... it's not Percy. Hehehe..." Anywhoz... Loved it. A lot.

Oh, and I watched "Pimpernel Smith" the other night and LOOOOOVED it!! "You are DOOMED." : )


Anna Grace said...

Yaaayy!! Eight! :) I think it took me three years to get that many. :D hehe.

Actually, the version we own of Les Miz is an older one. From 1978. With Richard Jordan. Actually, Ian Holm is in it too. *grin* It's odd though. He needs to be shorter and talking to Gandalf or something. *grin*

Oh yes! Marius! (no rhyme intended) Now I remember his name! ;) Oooh! I eagerly await that post! He annoyed me in our version. So I'd like to hear what you have to say. :)

Yes Ivanhoe! :D I liked it! Very close to the book except for the whole Rebeca/Wilfred thing, but what the hey! It was great!!! And I didn't mind it one bit. ;) I also loved Athelstane! *snort* He was one of my favorite characters in the book and he was done perfectly. Poor Wilfred. :'(

Speaking of AA, I was watching a TV show the other day with him in it (Upstairs, Downstairs) and when he said to the girl: "Well, anyone would have done the same," I started giggling ridiculously to myself. I was the *exact* same line *and* expression on his face! hehehe. 8D you know where I could find 'The Fortunes of Nigel'? Have you seen or heard of it? Apparently it was 4 episodes long and was based after a book of the same title by Sir Walter Scott! And AA was the main guy! Has to be good! He did a great job at Scott's other character. Just can't seem to find it *anywhere*! *sigh* I'll have to ask if our library has it.

I mean. I can't buy it on Amazon, it's not on ebay, Netflix, or Youtube! I've just about run out of steam trying to find it! *sigh* Oh well. If you know how to get it, do inform me. :D

Oh yay! I still have not gotten to finish it. :( Busy and such.


Alexandra said...


Been following this convo with great interest! :)

Ok, so AA in Upstairs, Downstairs Is. ADORABLE. I have various names for his different roles...heroic, amazing, charming, awesome...and his role in UD is just plain old ADORABLE. Love that character. The proposal scene is soooooooooooo cute. Ohhh, my.


I'd heard of the Fortunes of Nigel but couldn't find it anywhere, either (as an AA fanatic, I pride myself on finding obscure video clips on the web :-P). If you find it, let me know!

And glad you all enjoyed Ivanhoe. :-)

Anonymous said...

Anna Grace - Well, it's taken me TWO years, so.... : D Hehehe...

Ooh! IAN HOLM!!! Cool! Yeah, or bringing the ring to Mordor. (He was Frodo in the radio drama version we LOVE... REALLY fun to hear him as Frodo, then see him as Bilbo!

Okay. Well, I think he's really underrated and misunderstood. Hopefully my post will clear things up for everyone - myself included. : )

Glad you liked it!! Yeah, that's when I like the other one better - the BBC/A&E 199... uh, I think 1995. Anyway, Athelston was... interesting. Drove me crazy in the beginning ("Tomorrow - I fight tomorrow..."), but was VERY sweet when he let her marry Ivanhoe. Yes, poor Wilfred. Half-dead the whole time!

Ooh, Upstairs, Downstairs! Is it any good? My sister and I saw the DVDs on sale but we didn't get them because we didn't know if they were clean or not. HA!! That's so cool! (And then in Pimpernel Smith... you may or may not have heard That One Line... I almost screamed!)

Never heard of it, but it sounds interesting! Well, if AA is in it, I'm going to look for it now!! Together, we will find it!! (No matter where it is! Ha!) I'll be looking! Have you tried, say, Ebay?

Well, when you do, don't say much about it on here, please. I've written a review of it (Beat you - HEEHEE!!!), and am probably going to post it SOON.

Alexandra - When I saw it said 18 comments instead of 17, I was like, "Oops. It's a blog author, telling us bunny-trailers to keep our running conversation that has nothing to do with TSP on our respective blogs. Uh, oh." *sigh of relief*

Can't believe you've been reading it.... HA!! : )

AA in ANYTHING is good. Great. Now I have to see Upstairs, Downstairs. Which episodes is (are?) he in?

Well, I'm looking for it now. Can't *right* now, but later!! I SHALL FIND IT!! : )

Ivanhoe... ooh, yeah. AA saved it from being REALLY cheesy. (Rowena annoyed me to NO END, though!)


Anna Grace said...


*smirk* I knew SOMEone had to have been reading my comments....or they would never have been posted! *grin* ;) Oh good! do tell me if you do find that miniseries. I still can't find it. Well, I found one site that said "watch it here" but I did NOT want to click it on our PC computer because....well....I hate viruses.... and....who knows..... :D

hehe! Yeah, "adorable" would be a good way to describe him in it! (though I wouldn't call him "adorable" in the first episode he's in.) That would be more like "amazing" or "smart". :D Sorry, Eowyn...I won't say any more than that about UD. :D


Yes, you should watch Upstairs, Downstairs. The whole thing's on yeah. He's in ONLY three episodes (:-P). Series 5 episodes 13, 14, and 16. :) 13 and 14 are my favorites. They're good. He's good.

Yeah, I don't know if the whole thing is clean. I actually went and saw those three episodes and then went back and started to watch a few other episodes. I don't think there's anything 'bad' in it, but it may mention stuff....So yeah (don't know if you saw it, but it's a THOUSAND times better than Downton Abbey. 0.o appropriate-wise :P). :) The ones with AA are perfectly clean though.

I've tried Ebay. Not there. Only the books. :( There has GOT to be at least ONE DVD of it out there somewhere!

OOh! Now I really want to finish up Pimpernel Smith! :D I shall look forward to your review! ;)

As for Ivanhoe....Rowena....could. not. act. Her line "Ivanhoe!" when Wilfred's helmet is removed just.....*shudders*....About made me die right then and there.

Oh really? :) I liked Athelstane...I thought he was funny.... *shrugs* but different strokes for different folks. :D

Hah! Really? Ian Holm as Frodo? That's funny. I never heard that recorded version of LOTR. We always just got the version with that guy who reads it....The one that is always used for clips from the book in the making-of-LOTR disks.....Don't know if you know what I'm talking about. :)

Anyhoo! I need to go and sew...(No rhyme intended....well.....okay. So it was)....


Anonymous said...

Anna Grace - Cool! I'll have to check those out! I'm a big AA fan now. : )

Never seen DA, but I've heard things... some people say it's REALLY good, others say it's not-so-great. My mom's going to preview it some time.

: P Argh. Silly hard-to-find movies. We shall find it!

The ending of PS is the best part. By far! (But I loved when they were talking about Shakespeare being German!! HA!!)

Nope. "Help him." So much emotion... NOT! Yeah, AA saved it. : )

He was okay... just a little annoying. : )

Yeah! I don't know what you're talking about... : ) But I do know that the one we listened to is really good. : )


Anna Grace said...


Yes. You should watch them! :) As for DA.....there's a scene in the first episode....bleck!! :-P WORST scene I have EVER seen in ANY movie! (It's pretty bad)...But skip that scene, and one questionable one in the second episode and it's really good! :D *grin*

Oh yes! Shakespeare as a German! Haha! And I love how the German dude proves that the English are not funny! Heehee!

I just finished it last night and loved the ending!!! :D "Cause you are all doomed."

Okay, well, it doesn't really matter. The one we listened to wasn't a dramatized version, but the reader was really good. Except when he read the songs.


Anonymous said...

Anna Grace - As far as DA goes, I've heard you can actually just skip the entire first season. Your thoughts? I'll definitely let my Mom preview it, though, if we end up watching the first season!

HA!! "Is THAT funny? No. So that must mean that their humor is just fake." (Or something like that...)

LOVE IT!! I found all of the quotes on IMDb and copied them ALL. I'm going to have to find a DVD of the movie. Too good just to watch on YouTube.

Hehehe. : D


Anna Grace said...


I don't know if I would suggest skipping the first season. It introduces all of the characters and people, etc. But you could definitely get by easily by just skipping the first two episodes. :)

HEHEHE!!! "No sir...very un-funny!" Hehe! "You sir, are a genius!....You shall have a signed photo! Have a chocolate!" (Or something like that!) :D

My sister watched the movie with me yesterday. She said she wants to own a copy, too! :D At least THAT movie doesn't have copyright issues. :(

I want to re-watch "Gone With The Wind". I hated it when I saw it before....but I want to watch the scenes with Leslie Howard. He's a good actor. :)


Anonymous said...

Anna Grace - Heehee. I might do that. Good suggestion!!

HA!! LOVE that one! "28! Saved from your pagan pistol. And all you've got is my humble self. Not a very profitable transaction." That is SO Percy!

Cool! Yeah... Go TSP1982 Project!

Uhh... I didn't like GWtW. At all. I think the only reason I still like it after watching it then watching it again to see why I didn't like it is because of Leslie Howard and the dresses. He's such a good actor! Heehee - but I wouldn't be able to watch it again without going "PERCY!!"


Anna Grace said...


Yes! He was so much like Percy! *nods head* TSP1982 Project *must* work! :)

I don't like GWtW either. Scarlet's annoying. :P Plus she flirts with Leslie Howard's character! *gasp* The idea!! ;)


Anonymous said...

Anna -

*sob* Our comments are getting shorter. *sob* Let's strike up another on my blog!! : )

I know!! That's why I liked him. And I'm working on the TSP Project!!! Slowly, but surely, we WILL CONQUER!!! : )

Yeah... talk about annoying! I KNOW!!! And he's married... ugh. Silly Scarlett.