Friday, June 8, 2012

The Elusive Pimpernel...again

And so I announce that I have FINALLY read a TSP sequel. It took me nearly two years to get my hands on one. Sad, isn’t it? And even though I know there's already a review of this book posted on here, I decided I still needed to post this. Cause I FINALLY READ IT!!! But enough with my grousing and on with the review!

So this is what a scarlet pimpernel actually looks like... :)

Chauvelin is back and as determined to get his hands on our elusive hero as ever. His plan? Ruin Sir Percy’s honor, find the identity’s of all those in the League, and regain his own reputation among the French revolutionaries with one blow. Whoa- what? Ruin Sir Percy’s honor? What’s with that? No, Chauvelin doesn’t want to kill The Scarlet Pimpernel. At least, not directly. Instead he wants to so utterly break him, humiliate him, and make his very name a byword of derision and scorn that the Scarlet Pimpernel will eventually commit suicide. After all, it just wouldn’t satisfy Chauvelin for his enemy to go down to the guillotine in blaze of glory, a hero to the end for aristocrats and Englishmen everywhere.

So we all know Chauvelin’s the bad guy. But really, his "either-or" in this book was so unbelievably evil that I wanted to-to-to…well, I can’t tell you, because that would give away spoilers. ‘Cause Sir Percy did exactly what I wanted to do.

It was immensely satisfying.

I mean, really, how many times does a character do exactly what you wanted him to?

It was nice to see Marguerite and Percy now that there were no secrets between them! Although, I must admit, the times where Marguerite tried to stop Sir Percy from leaving for France annoyed me. Yes, I do understand her point of view; he really was in incredible danger and she might never see him again. But part of me wanted to yell, "COME ON, Marguerite! Don’t you know Sir Percy has to leave so he can go SAVE people and be AWESOME???"

*Cough, cough * errmmm… maybe that came off a bit too strong….

But he is. And, what I liked about this book, was that you got to see the "real" him more than his English drawing room foppish-ness. Okay, well, maybe not more than, but more than the last book, anyway.

My poor sister got updates ever ten minutes while I was reading this.

"Emily, you won’t believe what Chauvelin’s doing now!"
"Okay, so how are they going to get out of this one? I just don’t know!!!"
"Hah! That was hilarious! Em, let me just read you this line…"

I think after about the fourth interruption (she was reading a novel herself) she started to get annoyed.

Well, I was having a good time.

True, I do think that sometimes The Scarlet Pimpernel books can be a little overmelodramtic {please don’t hit me with tomatoes!!!} and sometimes there’s chapters that are just full of information you don’t really care about {In my defense, it’s all the French revolution scenes…come on, guys! I just want to get back to Percy and Marguerite…} but overall they are always enjoyable. And of course havivg read three whole TSP books, I’m an expert

Well, so maybe I’m not what you would call and expert, but take my word for it that this book was worth reading. I mean after all... It's about Sir Percy !!!




Miss Melody Muffin said...

Oh, yes, yes!!!!!! I totally agree with you that this book is terrific. And, I also wanted to just, well, DEAL with Chauvelin in this book!!!! I started this one at night and then stayed up late reading it because I just HAD to know HOW Sir Percy got himself and Marguerite out of this mess!! I knew he would get out, somehow, after all this is THE SCARLET PIMPERNEL we are talking about!

One of my favorite parts was the swords - at Blakeney Manor. I won't say any more than that for fear of it being spoilers. But, you know which scene! It was all so fantastic and heroically Pimpernel!!!!!

Anna said...

Sounds great, I have it but I haven't gotten around to reading it yet.
That's exactly what I would do with my sister. My sister's name is Emily too! lol

Alexandra said...

Very true, I completely agree about Marguerite in this book. :) She does get better, though...Lord Tony's Wife, anyone? EL DORADO, helloooo?! :-D But yes, it does take a while for her to get the hang of having a heroic husband. Poor thing. :-D Hehehe.

So glad you enjoyed it! While it isn't my fave of the sequels, it's really good!!!

Anonymous said...

Okay, so this comment is not actually about The Elusive Pimpernel. Instead, it's about the Sherlock Holmes mystery I watched last night that had Anthony Andrews in it as Proffesor Moriarty. I must say, Andrews does play a good villain, but he is still THE BEST as Sir Percy, and I kept expecting him to break out into "They seek him here, they seek him there..." It was fun to hear him talking normally,though, and not in his "foppish" voice that he nearly always uses in TSP. However, I still prefer seeing Andrews in good guy roles. It kind of strips your gears to think of him as Sir Percy the hero, then see him in another movie being totally nasty. : )
All in all it was a good movie, but I am still loyal as ever to TSP 1982.

Lily of the Valley

Anna Grace said...

First off, I loved, loved, loved The Elusive Pimpernel! :D And as to Sir Percy doing exactly what we would do....Gah! LOVE that scene!!! I had a HUGE grin on my face (:D <--like that, but only bigger) when I read what Percy did. It's true. Hardly ever does a character do what you wanted him to do. ;)

Okay. I gotta say. I did understand Marguerite completely. I mean, I was a little irritated with her for trying to stop him, but at the same time, that had to be kind of hard on her. Not knowing if he's dead or alive half the time.

TSP OVER-DRAMATIC?!?!?!? *gasp!* No. I'm kidding. They are. But a good kind of 'over-dramatic'. :D

As for information that you don't care about....O.O I was waiting, and waiting, and WAITING for Sir Percy to come into El Dorado. It was worth the wait though. :)

On the subject of El Dorado...(Percy was just captured! The guards are so mean!) *sniff* *sniff*


Hayden said...

What Sherlock Holmes Mystery was this????? MUST WATCH!!!!!!!

Sherlock Holmes + The Scarelt Pimpernel???????? How can the world hold so much awesomeness?????

Where did my other comment go? Did it disappear?

Anonymous said...

Dear Hayden,

The Sherlock Holmes movie I was talking about is called "Hands of a Murderer" starring Edward Woodward as Sherlock Holmes, and John Hillerman as Dr. Watson (with Anthony Andrews as Prof. Moriarty, of course) = ) Hope you enjoy it!

Lily of the Valley

lottie said...

If you want to read the other ones, they have them free online here: