Saturday, June 30, 2012

Sir Percy's Biggest Fault {by Anna}

This is the post wherein I scold Sir Percy and am guillotined by the Leaguettes for doing so.

First all you girls who have just gasped loudly and are now picking up rocks to hurl at my head for even suggesting that anyone could even find a fault with Sir Percy....please set the rocks down (a little farther from you if you please...thank you)...........Because I actually have three faults with him. But keep reading.

Back-story: Lately I've been thinking about The Scarlet Pimpernel (Like that's new!) and after reading the post on this blog written by Miss Dashwood about Armand St. Just a thought came to mind. I thought I'd share it with ye all! :) (oh, and you had better like smiley-faces because I am a ardent believer that one can never have too many smiles on one's blog posts. Thus, I am a bit addicted to them.)

Let me say that I will not be easy on the man. Percy gets that from every other post on this blog and by every other person who reads or watches him. I've always liked a good argument (I am ashamed to say) and so I won't go light on him. *clears throat and grabs a handful of popcorn along with a sip of soda-pop before continuing this blog post rife with controversy*.

Now it's only been said a few hundred times - So hey! what's one more time? - Sir Percy Blakeney is amazing. If for no other reason than he can lean against a tree very heroically.

Plus - he has excellent taste in cravats, and there are so many good lines he says that my sister and I could carry out a 5-minute conversation using only his quotes!

Er-hem! "Movin' on!" (I also quote Night at the Museum very often.) I also get insanely distracted, in case you can't tell.  I'm beginning to think I have ADHD........... Right. Where was I? Oh yes! Sir Percy Blakeney, Bart.

I should probably get to my point, or I'll drive you all mad with wondering what could possibly be Percy's biggest fault?! So without further ado, I shall tell you. (I am a poet. And you did not know it, what! *chuckles*) Here they are.................

Sir Percy's 1st Fault: He is insanely prideful. And I mean really prideful.

Now he does have two different kinds of pride, I will say. Here is the first, which is different than the second and I don't really think it's "bad" per-say:

          #1 - His pride for his country and his duty to save Aristos from the guillotine because it is the right thing to do. This is not the pride that was attempted to be humbled in "The Elusive Pimpernel" I don't believe.

          #2 - His pride *in* his duty to save Aristos. Now that may have sounded like the exact same thing, but I believe they can be different.

The first one is more a question of "The right or wrong thing to do". He doesn't allow the Aristos to die because it goes completely against humanity. The second one is more of a pride "in his saving them". The daring exploits and the witty banter with Chauvelin. It mentions how many times that Percy loves the "sport" of the intense rescues? I honestly believe that this is the pride that Chauvelin attempted to humble in "The Elusive Pimpernel".

He comes across to me as always saying that he travels to France multiple times each week for the "sole purpose to rescue Aristocrats - no matter what the outcome is for him in the end". If that's the case, then he shouldn't care if everyone in England hates him. Those closest to him would believe him and still follow him to the guillotine to save the innocent people. If he really did "die from the shame" as Chauvelin predicted he would...then I'm sorry....but Sir Percy would be pathetic for caring that much what people think of him.

My point to all that rambling? Cool your pride, Percival Blakeney, and humble yourself for a little while! Go take a nap. Buy a little fluffy kitten or something. ;)

[On a random note: Is it just me, or do you guys think AA looks insanely skinny in TSP1982? I know the guys back then wore undergarments that were much like the women's stays (weird, I know) but I don't think they'd use those for a movie. He just looks really thin. Anyway....]

Sir Percy's 2nd Problem: His attitude towards his wife and their relationship.

Did anyone frown at Sir Percy while reading chapter 16 ("Richmond")  of The Scarlet Pimpernel for the first time? I mean honestly? Even if you knew the whole story, weren't you a little disturbed by Percy's attitude towards Marguerite? I know I was. I will split this into two parts.


He won't admit he's in love. (He needs to go listen to "Won't Say I'm in Love" from Hercules.) What harm could it do to tell her he loves her? He didn't have to actually say: "Marguerite, my darling! I love you more than words can express (he does always go tongue-tied in her presence...don't he?). I have loved you from the very first day! Oh! And I'm The Scarlet Pimpernel!! Surprise! But I didn't want to tell you before because I don't trust wife..... and I'm afraid you'll betray me......your husband!" *shakes head grinning* Hehe! That would be very comical.

What was he trying to prove by not telling her? It doesn't help their already-worn relationship by not saying it. (He also needs to listen to "How Does She Know?" from Enchanted!) He doesn't have to tell her that he's the Scarlet Pimpernel. He could say that there is stuff he doesn't want to discuss with her if the conversations drifted that way. He didn't have to press his 'turn off' button. I honestly believe she would have respected him worlds more if he had been honest with her from the beginning. Even after he found out about St. Cyr. I think Armand was correct to some degrees when he angrily said: "You do not know how to love!"

I'm sorry, Percy! I know you love Marguerite!


They don't even live in the same part of the house. That was just plain depressing when I read that. :( And I blame that entirely on Percy. I don't care if they hate each other - the fact of the matter is that they are married to each other. They're one. "You don't live on opposite ends of the house, sillies!" I'm not saying he doesn't love Marguerite. Don't get me wrong. He just needed some work, as we all do! ;)

Maybe I'm just too "picky" when it comes to books and movies. I am a Christian and so have a Christian mind-set while watching many movies and reading books. Perhaps I just expect too much....

After all that, I have to say that I am sooooooooo happy Baroness Orczy kept all that in the books!!! :) It shows that he's human after all and isn't perfect! This whole post was from the mind-view of the books, not the movies. :) He wasn't nearly as bad in these areas in the movie as in the books.

I wouldn't normally have been so strait-forward and judgmental with characters like I just was, but I thought that since he is looked upon so much as being almost perfect, he deserved to have some of the problems I found with him shared. I hope you all don't hate me now. :)

Don't get me wrong: I love Sir Percy (I even drew a picture of him one day when I was bored) and I believe that the whole pride-issue is not in the books very often. For 95% of the time he really does cares about others and not himself. After re-reading this post I was thinking: "Percy!! I'm sorry!! I still like you! Really!!!" He's probably looking at me right now in his most foppish way possible with that smile of his - which is always ready for a laugh - on his lips in a most disapproving way.

I hope you enjoyed this post!! Even those of you holding the rocks. *grin* Thank you, thank you, thank you for allowing me to post on one of my favorite blogs ever!! :D This post was a blast to write and the readers of my own blog are probably ready to tear my head off if I mention Sir Percy one more time. :) he. he. heee. yeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh. And now all I have to say is -

Sink Me!

Anna Grace is a Christian, sixteen-year-old homeschooler who is not allowed to stay in her PJ's all day. ;) She loves most everything retro. Primarily 1920's-1940's. She enjoys ASL (American Sign Language) and piano. When she is not blogging she may be found reading, playing piano, daydreaming, watching some new-found movie or TV show (such as the BBC TV show titled 'Merlin'), or Skypeing with her friend while watching 'Grimm' together! She believes Merlin is much nicer and better at 'saving the world' than Harry Potter, Sir Percy Blakeney is much more cunning than Sherlock Holmes, Raoul is much more of a gentleman than the Phantom, and Davie Balfour is a much better lover than Peeta Mallark!
You can visit her blog "Little Me. Big Creator." here. She often posts movie, book, and character reviews along with some DIY projects, random outfits, photo-shoots, and ramblings of her piano-playing nerdyness.


Anonymous said...

Sink me, if you haven't done it! You DARE to cast a FAULT on our beloved SIR PERCY?!

*cracks knuckles*

Thou hast met thy doom.

First of all, doesn't Sir Percy have, like, THE RIGHT to be prideful in what he does? And he never gets too prideful, either. And in El Dorado (the TSP novel to end all TSP novels....), he tells Andrew that he thought of quitting when he held the Dauphin.

And on the love thing... I would do the exact same thing if I were Sir Percy. Back when divorce was unacceptable, the only thing you can do is stay away from her, right? (Not that it's acceptable now...) Anyway, his (not hatred...) unlikedness towards Marguerite is understandable because he had nothing else to go on. That's exactly what it looked like when the Marquis and his whole family died and the Baron de Batz told him about it. (Official papers and all, you know...)

BUT! Before I say that you're totally wrong or something (heehee) or go on any further, I'll wait to see what everyone else says. : P

Prepare for a comment war, Anna. : P


Alexandra said...

Ok. I have arrived to defend my beloveded. :-P

Let me hit on the biggest topic first - the love/living together thing.

And now I must try to be excessively discreet because I know we have some younger readers on here, and still get my point across.

To me one of the most heartbreaking things is that Percy is forced to hide his love from Marguerite. He is being honorable by doing so. Why? Let me (discreetly) explain.

He is keeping a huge, extremely dangerous secret. He believes that the woman he passionately adores is spying on him/going to betray him. For the sake of all the people he is involved with, he is forced to hide his love and live apart from her. "And why is that?" Hehe, couldn't help throwing in a quote.

Because a man's most vulnerable moments is when he's with his wife. And a less-than-honorable woman can use that to her advantage. Look at Samson and Delilah. She used that vulnerable moment when he was with her to worm out his deepest secret and use it to her advantage. And so Percy, who doesn't know if he can legitimately trust her or not, must both hide his love from her and keep apart from her, because he cannot trust his own strength in those moments of vulnerability. In those moments where you can see he desperately wants her more than anything, it's quite heartbreaking IMO that he has to push it down and pretend like he doesn't care.

So to me, those are hardly faults. In fact, it just makes me like him all the more for depriving what he so wants for the sake of the "aristos" :) People get frustrated (myself included sometimes) at the lack of communication they have, but really, in that situation could anyone have done less? Percy *was* hurt by her as well, he was led to believe that she loved him as much as he loved her and then "found out" that she had betrayed him. No, I cannot blame him for his actions there.

As for the pride...I'm not sure that I can blame him for a bit of honest pride in his work. :) And you're right, there is a bit more of an issue in the books than the movie, but I'm just not sure if I consider that quite a bad kind of pride. :-P Hehehe.

A very interesting post and I've enjoyed it immensely!!! Let the comment wars commence!

Miss Dashwood said...

YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY Ally and Eowyn! Couldn't have said it better meself!

But though I agree with both of them, I also agree with you, Anna. :) Okay, Fiddler on the Roof quote time:
"[She's] right and [she's] right? They can't both be right."
"You know, you are also right."

Heehee. :D

I have to disagree about the whole pride issue. See, in England at that time, a man's honor was his most precious thing. I agree that Sir Percy shouldn't care if everyone in England hates him-- but you have to realize that if his honor was lost, his own League might no longer trust him (eeep, almost speaking heresy there). Our society today just doesn't have the same kind of honor system that they had Back in the Day. An Englishman's word was supposed to be EVERYTHING to him.

Plus, I don't think Percy would have died from the shame of it. Sure, Chauvelin fondly hoped he would, but that doesn't mean anything. :P

I do, however, kind of dislike the multiple mentions of how Percy loved the "sport" of the intense rescues. I prefer to think that he did it all out of the nobility of his heart, rather than for the thrill of the game. Just one of Baroness O's little typos-- you know, like writing that he had blue eyes instead of brown as he really has. :D

I don't think AA is wearing stays. I think he's just skinny. I've seen clips of him in other movies, too, and he looks about the same. Plus, that's a pretty tight outfit in the duel scene, so it makes him look thinner.

I SO TOTALLY AGREE that Percy should have stopped acting like an idiot and believed in Marguerite instead of Baron du Vampire Batz and his stupid papers. Sure, things looked bad for her, but whatever happened to the marriage vows of loving each other for eternity??? Gahhhh.

And that part in the garden when he made the crack about being "condemned to matrimony"? ERRMMMMMMMMMM. Percy, you are not a jerk. Stop acting like one.

But I have to respectfully (and quite firmly) disagree with you about Percy's not knowing how to love. I mean, just think about the picture you posted right below that paragraph. That's the scene where Percy says, "Ceased? I shall love her 'til the day I die. That is the tragedy." He DOES love Marguerite, he's just not showing it too well.

Excellent post, my dear Anna! I agree, Percy does have some faults, but that's why I love him. If he were perfectly perfect in every way, he'd be dull as fish and nobody would like him. He's not Superman-- he's the Scarlet Pimpernel (who is better than Superman anyways-- come on, Ally, admit it). Perfect is annoying. Flawed and human and amazingly awesome is much, much better. :D

Miss Melody Muffin said...

Anna, this is definitely WAR!!!!!!!! You said you like a good argument. Well, m'dear, YOU NOW HAVE ONE!

I fully agree with everything Eowyn and Alexandra have already said, and almost everything Anne said. Here are my further thoughts.

Personally, in 'The Elusive Pimpernel' I don't believe Chauvelin was really attempting to 'humble' Percy's pride, so much as he was trying to HUMILIATE him. Allow me to quote Chauvelin himself, when asked what deadly weapon he planned to use against the Scarlet Pimpernel, "Dishonour and ridicule, derision and scorn." His aim was to make him so despicable to everyone else that life wouldn't be worth living and thus, incidentally, he hoped to be rid of the man who had beaten him too many times already. (And who stood for everything Chauvelin stood against.) Very wishful thinking on Chauvelin's part! Chauvelin even then didn't truly know the man, no matter HOW many times they had crossed swords. Besides, Chauvelin's prediction that Percy would 'die of shame' was based on the belief that Percy would go through with the humiliation, which all of us know NEVER would have happened.

And now I must raise a question, is honor considered a form of pride? If so, then yes I agree Percy is prideful, although I don't think there is anything bad about it. But, as Anne said, the honor system then has NO comparison in today's society.

As far as Marguerite goes, as a person who doesn't trust easily myself, and who takes a long time to trust again after a trust has been broken, I can TOTALLY understand his attitude. He didn't TRUST Marguerite. Trust was a huge thing for Percy; it had to be. He had to trust the members of the League with his life and others lives all the time. Without trust, he didn't DARE reveal his true feelings to her. Others lives depended on him. He would do nothing to endanger that trust no matter how much he loved his wife and longed to be close to her. Also, in that era, it wasn't really unusual for couples to have apartments in separate parts of the house, although not usually that far away from each other.

And the 'sport' (which you can pretty much replace with the word 'adventure') Percy loved so much, that's actually one of the things I love about Percy! Just saying....

Anna, I must say, although I enjoy a rousing argument and didn't agree with you in most points, I did honestly enjoy your post. It was very well written!

Maria Elisabeth said...

Ahhhh, now a few people have given their opinion and I will just put in my two cents and disagree with all of you. :P

Okay, first of all, I agree with you. And Percy is a mortal human, after all and all mortal humans have faults. So if he didn't have faults, he wouldn't be himself anymore. And we couldn't love him so much if he wasn't himself.

And I think, when Sir Percy talks about the 'sport' so often, he's using it as an excuse. Maybe it's another facet of his pride (not neccissarily a bad pride), but he doesn't like to show random people his heart. "So, okay, I'm risking my life to save yours because it's more fun than hunting foxes." Heehee.

And it seems Percy agrees with you. In El Dorado he agrees with Armand that he does not know how to love. It could be that he doesn't want to show Armand his heart, but I think it was because he's feeling miserable at how much sorrow he's caused Marguerite. So he's not perfect and he knows it.

We all seem to be arguing in circles. "Okay, Percy isn't perfect, but I'm going to argue with you when you say he has faults. And I love him, but I love him because of his faults." Talk about contradiction. :P

This is immensely fun. :D

Anna Grace said...

Whew! Well, it seems my post has received the kind of comments I had expected. ;) Surprisingly, no rocks have been thrown.....yet. *grin* "Perhaps you misunderstood my meaning? Perhaps I did not make myself clear. Well, sir... this must be made *very* clear..." (Random Robert E Lee quote from "Gettysburg" hehe!)

Aye, Eowyn dear, I have "dared to cast a fault on our beloved Sir Percy." :D on your saying that Percy has "the right" to be prideful, I most heartily disagree. I don't think anyone has "The right" to be prideful. Perhaps you are right. Maybe he doesn't get too prideful - but then...who's the judge on that? :D

To your second point about the whole love thing, I understand your viewpoint, and agree to some degree. I realize that the ways back then were very different nowadays and one has to take that into mind while critiquing a book or character. I don't think I'd mind the whole "staying away from her" thing if he really didn't love her at all. But he does. A lot.

As for having "nothing else to go on" with Marguerite and St. Cyr....I definitely disagree there. Um....couldn't he ask her for the details? It does say that he first asked her and she refused to answer him (GREAT move there, Marguerite! :D). Then later she tried to tell him the whole truth and he ignored her completely. So that was a problem with both of them. The first time was a problem with Marguerite and the second time with Percy (whom I do in fact understand there.) You know...could Percy really trust the Baron de Batz? Really? He wasn't exactly known for being very truthful or anything. Maybe Percy should have talked to Armand about the whole thing.....and maybe he did! Don't know. Doesn't say..... But I will in fact give him the benefit of the doubt in that area.

Thank you for saying I'm not totally wrong (*grin*). Very well! Arm yourself! The war has begun! (a friendly war....But a war, nonetheless..) Hehehehe! oh! And congrats for getting 50,000 words!!!! Great job! *high five*


Thumbs up for being excessively discreet! ;D And you make a very, very good point, I must say. Goodness, he almost didn't go to France at one point in The Elusive Pimpernel. *shakes head at Marguerite* I almost agree with you completely, now. :) But I will say that pushing her out of his life as much as he does -- if she really was thinking about spying on him....she would have more of a reason to now.... :)

Let me just add that I am will to pass over not-living together, but I think he could have treated her a little better. She is his wife still.

Now this comment is too long. So I shall resume in the next comment. Below.... :)


Anna Grace said...

Miss Dashwood,

Nice going with the Fiddler quote! :D *nods head* Great movie! Ah yes... the honor issues back then. :) While you think that the League might not trust him if he lost his honour (wow. English spelling....Have I been reading too many TSP books? Wait! That's not possible!), I believe they would. It's true. He probably wouldn't die from shame.

lol! It's true... it's mentioned far too much in the TSP books about the "adventurer in him". *shakes head* Typo, for sure. ;)

Yeah. I know AA's not wearing stays....but it's funny I think.

WHOOOOO!!!! *whistles* Someone AGREED with me! *cheers* "Condemned to matrimony". ughhhhh....really? But that's not in the book (thankfully) so I like to think he said that just to get her out of the way so he could talk to Armand privately. :)

And I didn't say that he "doesn't know how to love" in that he "CAN'T love her", but that he "doesn't know how to SHOW that he loves her". Percy loves her. That's very clear. He just doesn't show it at all. THAT's what he needed to work on. :D Now that whole argument is only really good for the first book.

Still no one agrees with the pride issue? Odd...... I can excuse the issues with Marguerite.....but not the pride part. It's too defined in the books, in my opinion....His love of the rescues and daring escapes. He needs to be humbled a tad, in my opinion. One reason I LOVED El Dorado! :D I felt SOOOOOOOOOOO bad for him in The Prison Scene!!!!!!! *sniff* He actually got to the point where he had no other choice than to go along with them for a little bit. But I did feel so, so, so bad for him. (When Marguerite first sees him.....*sniff* *sniff*...)

I must say that I agreed with most of what you all said. The argument could go on forever. Hehehe!

As I said before....I'm so happy he has his faults. He would be very dull and annoying if he didn't (ehem! Lucie Mante! *cough, cough*) That's why I like Carton better than Lucie's husband (yes. I did just forget his name...). :)

Good way to say it: "flawed, and human, and amazingly awesome is much, much better"!

Yay for Sir Percy!!!!!!!!!


Anna Grace said...

Miss Melody,

Oh yes, you are right...'humiliate' is the word. But we're talking about two differnt things. I meant the "pride" in his own brain. Not really his "honor". Was that a contradiction I just said? hmm...Hehe! :D


Haha! Yes. Percy agrees with me....or rather.....I agree with Percy. *grin* We are arguing in circles. Hahaha! Talk about "Circular Reasoning"! :D


Miss Dashwood said...

Hopping back in again.... Maria! Nail on the head and all that! IDK why I didn't think of that before, but DUH. Of course Percy talks about the love of the sport because he's not comfortable with sharing his feelings! Like you said, it's much easier to pooh-pooh the whole thing as if it's some sort of game than to bow and acknowledge his accolades. :D

Although I still think Baroness O made a few typos there with her narrative bits about how much Percy loved "the sport." :P

Hayden said...

I'm just enjoying all the comments :)

The only thing that bothers me, like Miss Dashwood said, is how often Baroness Orczy mentions Sir Percy loved the "sport" of saving the aristos...yeah, I prefer to think of that as a typo ;)Of course he was doing it out of the goodness of his heart...

I do see your points though; however as the series goes on I don't think the way he treats Marguerite is such a problem. He gets over that and tells her he loves her. :)

Anyway, I'm not throwing rocks! :)

Miss Melody Muffin said...

First of all, Amy, I just realized I called you by your sister's name! I AM SOOO SORRY!!!!!!!!! I guess I was in way too much of a hurry to defend Percy!

I totally agree with Maria as well. Percy does pretend he's doing all this for 'mere sport, Madam' but it's because he doesn't like to bare his heart or show his true colors to people in general.

I wonder if the reason Baroness O. chose to reiterate Sir Percy saying he rescued people for 'sport' so many times was to constantly remind us of what a dual personality Percy has? Like, WE know he really rescues them because he can't stand seeing innocent people condemned to death by madmen if there is something he can do about it. But, he'll never admit that to anyone but Marguerite, Andrew, Tony or Hastings. And, possibly in the early days, to Armand. What say all of you?

Random rabbit trail, I find myself switching back and forth between British and American spelling for those -or words (honor, color, etc.) all the time. Definitely a consequence of immersing myself in British literature! I usually have to go back and double check things I've written to make sure I used American spelling!

Side effect of all this, I REALLY want to watch TSP 1982 again!!!!! Maybe I'll just have to do that tonight....

Alexandra said...

I'm back, my fellow leaguettes!

Ok, so I *do* have to agree with several on here...the whole "for sport" over emphasis bothered me too, I think because it's totally not even hinted at in the 1982 movie (which I saw before reading the book) and it seems so out of character with Percy. But I do like what Maria said - she says over and over in the book that he doesn't show his feelings to anyone but his closest friends and family, so I can see him brushing it off like that.

And I did LOL at the whole AA-in-stays thing. He is rather slender. Which I'm totally ok with. Random thing there. :-P

AND YES!!! Lucie Manette's constant angelicness (made that up) bugs me to no end. And I always hate heroes or heroines with no flaws, so bravo to Percy. :-D I like that about Marguerite too...despite her AMAZING BEAUTY (hehe) she's not perfect. They make a great pair. :)

lottie said...

You say: "What harm could it do to tell her he loves her?" why won't he admit he's in love with her? That's the thing, he doesn't because she will kick him aside, she will hurt him, that's why ... It makes it pretty clear in the book ...

lottie said...

Okay, sorry, I had to come back and say i agree with Alexandra and Miss Melody Muffin! :)

I really think it's not so much that he's *proud*, but that he ... oh, how to put this into words..(: Lemme try again ... Back then it was more like your honor, so when she says, "pride" I feel like it's more *honor* not pride. If that makes sense.

Alexandra said...

Lottie - EXACTLY my point. WE know as readers that she loves him, but HE doesn't. From his point of view, she betrayed him, doesn't really love him, and is taking every opportunity to trick and spy on him. WHY tell her he loves her? Of course she's going to be all "Ohhhh, I love you too!!!", rather like Delilah, to bring the illustration around again (the example of her pleading with Samson "If you LOVE me you'll tell me!!! Don't you love me?!" comes to mind). In his mind by her actions she doesn't love him at all.

Just had to jump in and agree there. :)

Anna Grace said...

To quote Linus "Not only is this getting too political (well, it's not actually, but it's part of the quote so I have to say it)'s getting toooooo dangers!" Hehe! Not really. ;D

You're all making very good points! :D I withdraw my accusation about the not-living-together. I am convinced it is not really a fault of his. *nods* But I still ardently stick to the other two arguments.

I'm loving all your replies and your thoughts on these subjects!! :D


Little Lady said...

Yes, so...I almost picked up a stone! LOL Just kidding.

What can I say? I love TSP 1982, and yet sometimes I want to slap our gorgeous Percy in the face and say "JUST TELL/ASK HER!".

I love this post! And I love all the controversy over it. You guys are awesome! :D

Love, Little Lady

Anonymous said...

Huh... I left for a few days and a comment war started. Well, I'm back.

Alexandra - You're totally right. About everything. : P

And on the pride thing, I don't think that honest pride is a bad thing. Of all people, Percy should have the right to take pride in what he does, right?

Amy - HA! Love that movie.... : D

Huh. That's true... heehee...

Well, I'd like the "sport" of intense rescues, too. But I think Percy says it to mask the fact that he's too humble to say, "I really like saving people and I'm really great and adored by the Leaguettes because I do it." or something like that. And blue eyes instead of brown... heehee...

AA IS skinny! Whoa! : P (BTW, let me see a show of hands for people who CANNOT wait to see him in My Fair Lady later this month!!!)

ARGH, yes!! That's like, the ONLY time I'm mad at him. (Feel like I want to punch the screen when he asks Marguerite what "Poor Armand [has] done to be condemned to matrimony"!!! But then he leans on the tree and I'm better.... : P (You're right, Anna!! He does do an EPIC tree-lean!!!)

Ooh, that put me in mind.... Very end of El Dorado... "But on board the Day-Dream, when all danger was past, Marguerite felt that he did." *tears up* And the "That is the tragedy" line... And in TSP (the book), after she runs off sobbing, he kisses the stairs. (That's when you say, "Yup! He's in love!")

That's right, Amy. : D

Maria Elizabeth - I totally agree with you about him saying that he enjoys the "sport" as an excuse. I'd "enjoy the sport," too, but after a while, wouldn't you get a little tired of risking your life all the time? The fact that Percy risks his life over and over and over again is one of my favorite things about him. : )

Anna Grace - Yeah, maybe I was wrong. I think he had the right to HONEST pride in what he did, like Alexandra said. (My dad just spoke at our church about Rights vs. Responsibilites.... I should post it on my blog some day.)

That's true... I think he just gave up after Marguerite didn't explain it to him. (First mistake, Percy...) And I wouldn't trust the Baron de Batz for all the tea in China. (Trusting de Batz? Percy's second mistake....)

Heehee... wouldn't want to say that. : D Oh, thanks! It was so much fun.... : D

On your reply to Amy - Why does it mention too much about the "adventurer in him"?

Miss Melody Muffin - Yay for you and the "mere sport, Madam" thing!! His dual personality - that's totally right! Like I told Maria, the fact that he risks his life over and over again after he's sure to have gotten bored of it is one of my favorite things about him.

*sigh* Wow. I'm glad that Percy isn't "a man without fault" because then I wouldn't like him as much - just like what Amy said.

Great. Now I have to go watch the movie again (with friends that still haven't seen it!!). : P


Anna Grace said...

"Hey! Shhhh! Hear that?! It's the *winds* of change....." Okay. That was random..... O.O *blink, blink* Wait! I can't blink! (an angel might get me!) Speaking of which, why did they decide to do angels? Why couldn't it have been Gnomes? Those are scary as they are! Now I have two things to scare me: creepy G-no-mees and also angel statues in front yards of houses. *shudders* scaryness, people!

I am IN a mood! I just got home from cleaning carpets for 4 hours..... @.@ Eh-hem! to begin!

Little Lady,

Oh dear. And YYYYYEEEEEEEEESSSSS!!!!!!!!!! *does the whole 'whoo-hoo!' thingy when the guy is lifted victoriously up at the end of the amazing movie "Miracle" when they beat the Russians*

You wanted to slap Percy in the face!?!?!?! Whoo-hoo! High-five, Sista!


As for the whole pride-thing...NOBODY UNDERSTANDS MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!! *sobs*

*slaps her own face* SNAP outta it, Anna! Ehem!

Also when I say the 'sport' thing.... I'm not talking about when Percy says it. But when Orczy says it! *shakes head* typo ya think, people? Yes. I do too.

I know, right!? AA is skinnyer than Adam Young! (who still stays he's skinny even though he's.....really....not....{Owl City})

Yesh! So far I have two people who actually want to punch Percy!! I need to start a club. "A gentleman's club!" (Gettysburg quote.....again......) "It shall be a club. And I shall call it 'my club'. And it shall be mine. Hello club!"

I should also make another club for people who like Percy's-epic-tree-leaning. Oh wait. That's this blog.....

It mentions the 'adventurer in him' too much because the more times she mentions that fact, in my mind, it somehow takes away the fact that he does what he does because it's the "right think to do". :)

I know of a few people who would LOVE TSP1982....if they could get past the first half-hour. For some reason, every person I have showed the movie to are bored outta their head during the whole courting part!! *gasp* I LOVE those scenes!! *shakes head* They just don't know good scenes when they see 'em!


P.S. Sorry for all the RANDOM quotes and references! @.@ I'm extremely tired and slap-happy to some degree! :D

Kellie said...

I know, I practically never show my face here, but I was thinking about you amazing girls and this amazing blog the other day and swung by:) I wish I could find time to interact more... sigh.

Ohh, goody - you've got a whopping great war going on, too! Loved your post, Anna, and I have to commend you for bringing up these points. Everything I could possibly say has already been said, so there's no use saying how I love Percy's faults/but I adore his perfection, how I understand his 'love of sport' to be a cover up for his intense passion (which, in any British hero, is a prevailing fault - not being *capable* of revealing one's deepest emotions except in the most moving circumstances and with his nearest and dearest. I've come to look on this fault as a strength after growing up with several scores of impenetrably reserved, yet passionate, British heros... hehe), and his relationship with Marguerite has been quite adequately expounded upon. You ladies did a great job<3


P.S. I'm sewing on some shop orders and reveling in a re-watch of TSP at the moment, by the way... wish you could all join me! ♥

Anna Grace said...


Whoo-hoo! Another person has joined in the war! :D *grin* And thank you, by the way! I know what you mean by "everything I could possibly say is said". It's all great!

I need to go and re-watch TSP again. :-/ I want to watch it with someone who hasn't seen it yet, though. hmmmm.... *plots how to drag someone to her house and force them to watch it*


P.S. On a very random note -- my older sister Molly loves your blog to pieces, Kellie. You'd probably be either weirded-out or flattered if you knew how often she mentions your blog (in reference to pretty photos or sewing). Ta-TA!

Kellie said...

Why - you're Molly's sister! Hehe - I am flattered... I love Molly's blog and work as well:)

Alexandra said...

HAHAHA! Seriously. My grandma gave us an angel statue and it gives me the creepies now. :-P Heheheee.

And IDK if AA is as skinny as the Tenth Doctor. David Tennant is pretty skinny. Hm, I'm extremely attracted to two skinny guys from the British Isles. I'm beginning to see a pattern in my celebrity crushes. Anyway. Random. I'm in a mood, too. :-P

Ok, so I do totally agree about the adventurer/for just seems so out of place and makes it downplay the whole heroism, like you said. I just prefer to think it a typo. :-P

SERIOUSLY?! I love the courtship part! Sigh. Some people. Anyone I've ever shown it to has come away in love with TSP. Except my brothers...but I just believe they're jealous that they can't be as awesome as Percy.

Kellie! Missed you! Nice to see you again. We shall have to put watching TSP1982 on the bucket list for that Awesome Get Together someday! :) The one where Tasha and I will make you a Whovian. :-P

And loved your thing on reserved but passionate British heroes. The BEST. :)

Anonymous said...

Anna - Oh, yeah. Does the Baroness say it and not Percy? Well, it still applies. : P She knows him better than any of us.

Yeah, well - show me a screencap from ANY OTHER SCENE and I'll repent of that wish to punch him. : D

YES!!! Oh, yeah. It IS this blog. Sorry. *ahem* Anyone else want to join the Epic-Percy-Tree-Lean Club?

Oh. Huh. He should have said that, yeah. Does anyone know if Percy ever said that he liked doing it because it was the right thing to do? Oh, wait! Yes, he did! Eldorado, Chapter 21.

"Therefore feasible."
"But why? Percy, in the name of Heaven, do you realise what you are doing?"
"They'll not leave a stone unturned to find you--they know by now, believe me, that your hand did this trick."
"I know that."
"And yet you mean to go back?"
"And yet I am going back."

Not really, but it's one of my FAVORITE quotes from Eldorado. Love, love, love!

And on those people that WOULD love TSP1982 - Me, too!! I can't believe that! I know an entire FAMILY that would LOVE the entire thing - they love all of the Jane Austen movies, too, and we all know that Sir Percy is better than Jane Austen.

Did I just start a comment war? We'll see about that. I'll defend my stance with quotes alone!! Who's with me?!

Alexandra - David Tennant is skinny, too? Richard Armitage... Benedict Cumberbatch... yeah, I think the same goes for me, too. : P

And on your brothers who you believe are just jealous that they can't be as awesome as Percy... HA!! That's not a reason to not like TSP, though....


Alexandra said...

MEEEEE!!!! (jumps up and down) Me finks Percy's better than JA!!!

But be careful. Maria started the Percy vs. JA debate and ended up with 70 comments. That is definitely major comment war material. :-P

Maria Elisabeth said...

Comment war material! Oh yes! But you two pointed out something VERY IMPORTANT that would have made all my opinions a lot more, um, fixed. We all know that Percy is better than JA and whichever one of her characters you happen to give, but whether JA is better writer than the Baroness we hardly know and care less.

Agreed, no?

Alexandra said...

Oh, heartily agree. Especially on the "we hardly know and care less" part. Heheheheeeeeee. I'm so horrible.

Vellvin said...

I agree Anna on Sir Percy not showig affection and that he loves her. That has been a few of my sbilings thing with sir Percy (beside the fact that they don't like him)
As for his pride well he is a bit prideful.
Just my humble opinion.

Anonymous said...

Me, too. Heehee - I heard about that. I knew you guys would defend Percy, so I didn't get involved. : P

I agree with you, Maria - completely. And we all couldn't care a jot more. After all, we *are*... The Leaguettes. *cue epic theme song* (Seriously, people, we've got to get chopping on one. Something like what Alexandra came up with... Heehee...)


Anonymous said...

What about the words Sir Percy uses? I love the Scarlet Pimpernel series but do not like some of words such as "demmed", "damn" or "Lud".

Maria Elisabeth said...

You are so right. I think it's very unfortunate that Baroness Orczy considered it necessary to use such language. If she was still alive I'd want to give her a piece of my mind and ask her to take the questionable languague out of one of my favorite series. But she isn't, so...

Personally, somehow I think of the language as Baroness Orczy's fault, not Sir Percy's. But since he's her character, I guess what's her fault gets onto him, if I make any sense.

Sweet One said...

Amen to Percy's being prideful. I used to identify so strongly with sir Percy. He saved the innocent from death, and did NOT oppress the oppressor. He is a true Christian. So he has a right to be prideful of his work, right?

Wrong. but I thought so for a long time.

Shortly after I became a true Christian a few years back, and was watching the Scarlet Pimpernel over the holidays, a near-tragedy happened to me. I believe it was God's way of waking me up the truth. Pride is a dangerous sin, even for Percy, and certainly for me.

Jamie said...

I know this is an old post, but I thought that I would comment anyway. I agree with this post. I've read The Scarlet Pimpernel twice now, and each time I've had the same reaction. Can this be the same Sir Percy that everyone is raving over? I'm just not crazy about him at all. This post describes the main reasons why. Personally, my biggest problem with Percy is that he has faults that would be very annoying to a woman! He meets Margarite, falls in love with her, and marries her. Upon marrying her, he is promising to love and take care of her. Biblically speaking, he is promising to love her as much as he loves himself! To protect himself, he just lays that all aside. He continues to love Margarite, but he does not keep his promises to her. If he is so heroic, why can't he come up with a way to keep his marriage vows while saving his own life? How is he such a hero if he can't solve the big problems in his personal life? All this to say, I'd take an ordinary nice guy--who hasn't gone on missions to France--over Sir Percy any day.

Isabella said...

MAN! I wish I had time to do a debate today, unfortunately it's cleaning day today :( Some other time perhaps? :D jk. Where is Percy I need him as my husband :D lol. I actually prefer an adventures type kind of guy, but that's just me :D