Sunday, July 22, 2012

And Now For a Break in Our Normal Programming..

...To give you this important, Non-Anthony Andrews update.

     With all this talk of super heroes going round, dashing heroics has been much upon the minds of many, including our favorite gentleman, columnist, demographic expert, and singer (after the style of Rex Harrison) Mark Steyn, who was on Rush Limbaugh's radio show friday (The 20th of July) not only mentioned The Scarlet Pimpernel, but quoted, word for word, his entire poem.  Sir Percy is again compared to Batman.  If you are a Rush 24/7 member, you may listen to it in the second hour, about 5 min. in.    Before hand, if you are interested, is a hilarious discussion about Canadian superheroes.  Enjoy.  

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Anna Grace said...

Ohmygoodness!!!!! That's so cool!!!!! Is he the British guy? (Well, has a British accent at least)? :( Sadly I did not hear that on the radio. *sniffs sadly*