Thursday, July 5, 2012

Cue Music, Literally

Here on The Day Dream, it has been bandied about recently that the Leaguettes need a theme song.  After all, we are Sir Percy's biggest fans ever-- we need something that we can sing at the top of our lungs to proclaim our devotion to our hero.  Right?  Right.  And though the musical has some nice songs, "Into the Fire" isn't exactly a fangirly ballad and "When I Look At You" is just too doggone sad and "She Was There" is, hello, PERCY'S song.   No, we need something that is ours and ours alone.

Cue Miss Dashwood's epic, never-before-seen songwriting skills.
And, um, some plagiarism from The King and I.

This inspiring and inspired song was penned on scrap paper, in the dark, late at the night on July 4th, on the way home from the fireworks.  When genius burns, you can't be picky about the time and place, you know.  So I wrote the song, read/sang it aloud to my sister Anne-girl when we got home and received her stamp of approval.  We recorded an a capella duet version this morning so you will all know how it sounds, and I made a video with lots and lots of pictures of Percy to illustrate it. :D

(My apologies for the terribly poor quality of the audio... this was recorded on our mom's laptop, which doesn't have the world's most stellar recording system. :D  More apologies, also, for the fact that Sir Percy's actual name doesn't appear in the song.  I just couldn't seem to fit it in nicely.  To make up for this sad omission, you may simply shriek "PERCY PERCY PERCY PERCY" at the beginning and end each time you sing the song.)


This is a man who acts from his heart
He's tender and brave and wise
This is a man of courage and strength
And we totally melt when he cries.
This is a man who knows how to forgive
We'll love and admire him as long as we live!

He does not always show
His worth so all may know
But we who love him so
Know he's wonderful!

The dangerous things he'll do
Will scare and worry you
But you know he must do
What is wonderful.

He has an impossible dream
That may not come true
You know that he believes in it
And that's enough for you.

For him we'll raise this song
We've known it all along
And for him we'll stand strong
He is wonderful!
He does not need our love
But still he'll get our love
The Scarlet Pimpernel-- he is wonderful!


An Old-Fashioned Girl said...

Hahaha! I LOVE it! Brilliant, Amy!

Alexandra said...

Absolutey BRILLIANT, m'dear. One of my favorite songs evah has just become that much more awesome. Now let us all memorize it to sing at random. :D

Anna Grace said...

I love it!!! :D Great inspiration after fireworks! ;)

Vellvin said...

*claps enthusiastically* Wonderful!
Especially love "The dangerous things he'll do
Will scare and worry you" Because frankly he does it ALL the time :)

Abby said...

Ah, this is brilliant! I already loved this song, but this is just incredible :)


Anonymous said...

AWWW!!! That is SO awesome!!! And getting inspiration... literally fireworks... : P

Ooh! So I play violin and my sister plays cello and we both play piano! Want a violin/cello/piano track?! (We'd do anything for you, dear Percy...)

If people (relatives, actually) weren't coming over, I'd memorize the song and sing it at random like Alexandra said.... But I won't. (It'd probably scare them.... : P)

And beautiful voices, m'dears! Loverly....