Saturday, July 28, 2012

The Real Chauvelin

Yes, the man actually existed.

(Does anyone else think it's unfair that Chauvelin was a real person but Sir Percy is fiction???)

Citizen Chauvelin is loosely based on Bernard-François, marquis de Chauvelin, a real official during the French revolution. According to my highly reliable source (which is really the much fail-able Wikipedia), the real Chauvelin is not much like the books' portrayal at all.

Here are some basic fact about the man:

1) he was actually of noble birth (His father was Master of the King's Wardrobe! How's that for a job title...) but had liberal tendencies and welcomed the Revolution.

2) He really was an ambassador for the "new" France.

3) he was an outstanding orator

4) He died in April of 1832 of cholera

I did find information once that said he was married, but I can't remember the reference and so cannot vouch for it. I have not been able to find anything about a marriage since. He is not especially well-kown; I could not find much more information or any picture of what he really looked like.


Little Lady said...

Now I am super intrigued!!! How cool.

Maria Elisabeth said...

I found one art gallery website that said they had a picture of him, but it wasn't viewable on the internet. Nasty.

Alexandra said...

Wowwwwwww!!! How bizarre. (haha, stuck a TSP1982 line in there!) Great tidbit, Hayden! I think it is supremely unfair that Chauvelin did exist and Percy didn't. Sigh. :-P

Miss Dashwood said...

But if Percy DID exist... we'd be comparing The Real Percy to The Book Percy and complaining if The Real Percy didn't measure up. So what I say is, them as pinched it-- er, what I say is that I prefer Percy to be a figmentation of Baroness O's imagination. :P

Besides, he's realer than real to US.

An Old-Fashioned Girl said...

What a fascinating post!

Anonymous said...

Ooh, how interesting!! I think I remember reading about that sometime.

Heehee about what you said, Ally. And Amy, too. Nail on the head and all that sort of nonsense. : )