Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Some More Suggestions....

Hello All! The polls are going up this Saturday, but we still need just a couple more suggestions for the characters of:

Count de Tournay
Sir Andrew
Each of these characters has only two or less suggestions so far.


Abby said...

Although it wouldn't really be very accurate, I think Andy Serkis could be really interesting choice for Robespierre. I think he could do the whole 'physically unimpressive but secretly evil' sort of thing :P

I'll try to think of some for the others!


Scullery Maid said...

J.J. Feild for Sir Andrew? Or Johnny Lee Miller. Or Dan Stevens! How about Dr. Gibson...I mean Bill Paterson for Count de Tournay.

Miss Dashwood said...

Ian McKellan for Robespierre!! Oh, wait, did somebody say that already? I know we discussed it over email... what about Charles Dance? He's such an awesome villain in Bleak House. Is he too old, do you think?

I think Benedict Cumberbatch might make a good Sir Andrew. Or Tom Hiddleston... I'm seesawing back and forth between DT or TH for Percy. Leaning towards DT, so TH would be my choice for Sir Andrew.

Alexandra said...

Ok, basically whoever doesn't win as Percy gets my vote for Sir Andrew (as in DT or TH.) So if DT doesn't win as Percy, he's getting my vote as Sir Andrew (have we thought about voting for the main three characters first since many of them were suggested for minor characters as well? Then whoever didn't win can be in the minor characters).

I love the idea of Robspierre being Ian. Charles Dance is brilliant, too. And as you know I all ready suggested AA as the Count.

This is driving me insane, but I just thought of someone for Armand this morning and can't remember for the life of me who he was...

Miss Melody Muffin said...

Count de Tournay- what about Toby Jones? (If he was thinner I think he would make an excellent Chauvelin. He has that fox look down pat.) I'm suggesting this for another option even though I still say Anthony Andrews

Robespierre- Ciaran Hinds

Sir Andrew- I just can't think of anyone else yet! He is kinda hard to cast because he has to be someone that can play the part of loyal lieutenant and best friend and he has to be smart and good looking and.... I'll see if I can think of anyone else before Sat.

Oh, oh, I just had an idea... what about Rupert Friend for Chauvelin?? I was looking at his pictures on imdb and he just has that look sometimes. You know, the Chauvelin look. I know he's a little tall, but.... I mean, I know Chauvelin is supposed to be short but I don't think we're really going to find someone who fits that part. British men are just tall, for the most part!

Oh another idea! (Methinks I'm having too many!) I know he's done a LOT of baddie roles (and I'd like to see him in another goody role -besides Amazing Grace) but what about Rufus Sewell for Chauvelin?

Maria Elisabeth said...

I was really hoping that Viggo Mortensen would do for Sir Andrew, but he looks too old. How about him for the Count de Tournay? Seeing AA play the count would be amazing, but if he couldn't I think Viggo Mortensen would be the best choice.

Alexandra said...

Rufus Sewell as Chauvelin would. Be. EPIC. OHHHH MY WORD. WOWEE. That would be amazing!!!!

And just because I'm still shamelessly plugging DT as Percy...I thought this pic highly resembled the TSP musical poster...twould make a fantastic film poster, methinks...

Have we had very many Suzanne ideas?

Anonymous said...

Robespierre: Andy Serkis

Count de Tournay:Anthony Andrews

Sir Andrew: Benedict Cumberbatch

Miss Melody Muffin said...

I'd still really like to see Benedict Cumberbatch play Percy, but if he doesn't get that role, he would make an excellent Sir Andrew.

What about Katie Hall for Suzanne? I was watching One Day More (again!) last night and I think she could do it.

I like the idea of voting for the main characters first, Ally.

Hayden said...

Whoa! lots of suggestions! :) Ally, actually,we have SEVERAL suggestions for suzanne. But I guess there can never be too many... :)