Saturday, August 25, 2012

The Dream Cast: Poll Time (Part 1)

And now the polls are up! I've posted all suggestions, as well as a picture and some basic facts about the actors/actresses. To be fair, I tried to choose a professionally photographed headshot, as we do not wish to be swayed by movie screencaps showing them in period costume, correct? If I couldn't find I headshot, I just found a picture of them in modern clothing. :)

Sir Percy

Tom Hiddleston age: 31 (born 1981) height: 6'2''

David Tennant age: 41 (born 1971) height: 6'1''

Benedict Cumberbatch age: 36 (born 1976) height: 6'0'

J.J. Field age: 34 (born 1978) height: 6'1''

Christian Bale age: 38 (born 1974) height: 6'0'

Chris Hemsworthage: 29 (born 1983) height: 6'4''


Lucy Griffiths age: 25 ( born 1986) Height: 5'6''

Kate Winslet age: 36 (born 1975) Height: 5'7''

Keira Knightley age: 27 (born 1985) Height: 5'7''

Sierra Boggess age: 30 (born 1982)

Sophia Myles age: 32 (born 1980) Height: 5'6''

Carey Mulligan age: 27 (born 1985) Height: 5'7''

Romola Garai age: 30 (born 1982) Height: 5'9''

Rosamund Pike age: 33 (born 1979) Height: 5'9''


Ben Chaplin age: 43 (born 1968) height: 5'11'

Dominick Cooper age: 34 (born 1978) height: 5'10''

Richard Armitage age: 40 (born 1971) height: 6'2''

Benedict Cumberbatch
(see above in the Sir Percy category)

Ioan Gruffud age: 38 (born 1973) height: 5'11'

Tom Hollander age: 44 (born 1967) Height: 5'5''

Alan Rickman age: 66 (born 1946) height: 6'1''

Rufus Sewell age: 44 (born 1967) height: 6'0''

Happy Voting!

Note: Blogger was acting up, and would not allow me to put all of the suggestions for each character on a single poll, so it's broken up a bit.  Hopefully, part two will be up next week.


Alexandra said...

Yipes!!! Soooo many awesome choices. Well, you know where my Percy allegiences lie. Tee-hee. Off to vote!

Alexandra said...

Hey, just a second...where's Rufus Sewell as Chauvelin? I wanted to vote for him. Hahaha.

Natasha Marie said...

Oh, goodness! What choices to make - I love all of the actors up for Sir Percy. I'll have to think about this...;)

Hayden said...

Ah! I forgot. Putting him up now...

Lily of the Valley said...

Sink me! but it really is hard to choose between some of these actors/actresses. So many of them could fit the part!
Thanks for getting this all put together, it's been quite fun! I'm looking forward to our next round of voting.

Miss Melody Muffin said...

Yay!! The polls are up!

Golly, I didn't realize Chris Hemsworth is so tall!

I love this!!!!!

Little Lady said...

Hiddleston & Griffiths ALL THE WAY! <3

Miss Dashwood said...

Sink me, I'm almost practically tempted to vote for Christ Hemsworth because he's the tallest guy in the group.


Forget secret ballots, I'm telling who I'm voting for. :P David Tennant. Sierra Boggess. End of story. (Yes, I know I suggested Tom Hiddleston. But I had a change of heart. He should be Sir Andrew. *nods emphatically and adds more notes to Post In Draft About Sir Andrew's All-Around Awesomeness*)

Miss Dashwood said...

Oops, and of course I forgot about Chauvelin. Hahaha. I'm going with Ioan Gruffudd... simply because there's no one better. Heh. He'll always be Wilberforce to me though.

Oh, and I'm highly amused by the fact that I'm a half inch taller than Tom Hollander. :P

Anonymous said...

ARGH!! So many awesome choices... : P

The thing is, we need to vote for the guy that could be an old lover of Marguerite's for Chauvelin. He can't be TOTALLY evil or ugly - he needs to be sort of handsome so that she had some reason to like him in the first place!

Random, but can anyone confirm that Andrew is Percy's right hand? I'm trying to convince my sister and she doesn't believe me because she thinks Tony is his RH. : P


Miss Dashwood said...

Andrew is def. Percy's right-hand man. Indubitably. He's the one who gets trusted with all the special missions, he gets to babysit Marguerite while Percy's out doing stunts, and he's the one who hears all Percy's secrets. Most certainly, he's the right-hand guy.

Miss Melody Muffin said...

No question about it, Andrew is Percy's right-hand man.

I do have to say, the first time I saw the 1982 movie, it seemed to me that they had Tony act as the right hand man.

Alexandra said...

I remember reading somewhere about Sir Andrew being Percy's closest friend, confidante, and otherwise right-hand-man...not sure which book, though. And yes, I agree, it did seem that Tony did more in the movie. Weird.

Anonymous said...

See, that's what I thought - especially after reading about it in Eldorado that Andrew was Percy's second hand man. I noticed that in the movie, too, Ally. They made Andrew seem a little weird. (Heehee - his smile, Amy! : P)

Thanks for helping me clear it up!