Saturday, August 11, 2012

The TSP Dream Cast Event

We all love The 1980s version of the Scarlet Pimpernel. Admit it.

But....if they ever re-made a movie of it, who would get cast? Who would be Chauvelin? Sir Andrew? Marguerite? Sir Percy???

So we decided, who other than the books' biggest fans to decide? Thus we are proud to introduce The Scarlet Pimpernel Dream Cast event!

The first step in this grand, momentous event, is to open the floor for suggestions. Feel free to leave in a comment who you think would make a marvelous Marguerite or Lord Tony or Suzanne. And if you take it upon yourself to suggest an actor for Sir Percy, well, more power to you.

Let us just remind ourselves to be kind, no matter our feelings on the subject :)

Afterwards, we shall showcase all of the suggestions and hold a poll to see who will win this Dream Casting event!

Bonne Chance!


Melody said...

Wow, a dream-casting event? I have to say, that is a marvelous idea. I love that idea. It sounds like so much FUN. :D

I feel ill-qualified to actually go try to find suggestions, but I suppose I may make one if something happens to randomly cross my mind... which is doubtful.

But I will be following the event. :)

Miss Dashwood said...

You know my thoughts on the mattuh... but I'll say it anyways. Tom Hiddleston for Percy. Or David Tennant. Either way. :D

Jane Seymour for Countess de Tournay! Woot!

Miss Dashwood said...

Also... Hayden, I'd be quite willing to duel you for the privilege of playing Marguerite. :D If we could get our hands on an aging machine...

Little Lady said...

TSP: Tom Hiddleston
Marguerite: Lucy Griffiths
Tony: Harry Lloyd
Suzanne: Imogen Poots
Chauvelin: Ben Chaplin

It would be.....EPIC.

Hayden said...

Well, I say Tom Hiddleston for Sir Percy :)

Ian Mclellan for Robesspiere

I'll find the aging machine first, Amy! Or, actually, we can just age naturally, if we wait long enough...

Miss Melody Muffin said...

Wait a minute! we can't begin a TSP party without Alexandra!! :) Well, I guess she'll be back soon.

WARNING: This will be a long comment!!!

That said, I've dreamed of doing a TSP TV series Dream Cast for a LOOOONG time. I've even written and opening title sequence, scribbled ideas for costumes, and started to sketch out a screenplay outline. (I've been intending to put it all in a blog post but between our recent computer problems and our crazy summer, it obviously hasn't happened yet!)

My dream cast: (just the main characters; if I put down all the people I've dream cast, this comment would be WAY too long!)

Sir Percy: Benedict Cumberbatch

Marguerite: Kate Winslet (She might be a little too old but I haven't found anyone else yet that I thought could nail the part. I mean, it is terrifically hard to follow up Jane Seymour's performance!)

Sir Andrew: Brendan Patricks

Lord Tony: Jamie Bamber

Lord Hastings: Ioan Gruffudd

Chauvelin: Dominic Cooper (he is a little young but... again, at this point I haven't found anyone better)

Armand: Nicolas Giraud

Suzanne: Louise Bourgoin

Comtesse de Tournay: Catherine Jacob

Members of The League: Stephen Campbell Moore, Rupert Penry-Jones, Dan Stevens, Orlando Bloom, Neil Jackson

Of course, I'd give Anthony Andrews, Jane Seymour and Ian McKellen cameo roles. (Preferably recurring cameo roles.) I'd have cast AA as either the Prince of Wales or Lord Grenville except that he is way too old for those two parts.

So, I'll volunteer as costume designer for the project! :) :) Or maybe Alexandra would like that job. Maybe we could share it??

I'm afraid I'm getting quite carried away. :) (I almost always do when this subject comes up, just ask my family!!)

This is just way too much fun!!!

Anonymous said...

SQUEEP. Thrilled beyond words.

People.... TOM HIDDLESTON or BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH for Percy!! Yes, yes, yes!!

For Marguerite, well, I'd certainly be willing to join in the Who-Can-Get-to-the-Aging-Machine-First War. 'Cause I would love to play Marguerite, most especially if either of the aforementioned gentlemen was playing Percy. ;) Heehee!

Oh, very well. If she were younger, I'd say Cate Blanchett. But she is a mite too old, so what sayest all of you to Keira Knightley? Or Lucy Griffiths...

Chauvelin? Hehehehehehehehe... Richard Armitage. =)

Scullery Maid said...

I bet he could nail the role perfectly, especially after seeing him play evil German so well. Keira Knightley? Hmm...YES! For Sir Percy...J.J. Field? or Christian Bale? I bet he could nail it. Of course, these suggestions are on the understanding that of course no one can be expected to top Anthony Andrews. how about Keeley Hawes for Suzanne?

Miss Melody Muffin said...

Noooo!!! Richard Armitage as Chauvelin??? Can. Not. Happen. =) =)

Ooh, Keira is a good possibility. I'd say definitely her over Lucy Griffiths. Lucy just doesn't look like a Marguerite to me.

I had another idea, though. What about Sierra Boggess for Marguerite??

And add Hugh Dancy to the list of League members.

Miss Laurie of Old-Fashioned Charm said...

Oooh! How interesting!
The suggestion of David Tennant as Sir Percy could be pretty amazing! He could definitely play the pompous dandy as well as the passionate hero sides of Sir Percy.
Benedict Cumberbatch has a more serious tone to his voice that I'm not sure could be elevated very easily to the foppish part of Sir Percy.

Oh Petie! I was thinking Richard Armitage as Chauvelin too! He's in his 40's now, is that old enough was Chauvelin in his 50's? The only problem with that casting might be that there would probably be a romantic entanglement encouraged between Chauvelin and Marguerite which wasn't in the book (right?) and many people would want Marguerite to choose Chauvelin over Sir Percy. Haha!

For Marguerite what about Sophia Myles, Carey Mulligan or Romola Garai? Lucy Griffiths could make a great Marguerite though.

Miss Dashwood said...

Richard Armitage for Chauvelin????

Heh. I tend to get excited rather easily, 'twould seem.

Sierra Boggess for Marguerite sounds fantastic!! I don't think Keira Knightley looks like Marguerite. At all. And I'm trying to be polite and kind here but I can't stand KK. Heh.

Hugh Dancy could be Armand, if we don't end up casting Nick Jonas... I still think NJ is too young. And I'll probably be saying that still when he's sixty. :P Plus, Armand IS supposed to be semi-likable, at least in the first book.

Melody said...

Er... isn't Chauvelin supposed to be short-ish, or do I just have a bad memory? Because Richard Armitage isn't. Actually, he doesn't suit the book's description at all. Not to mention being completely wrong for the part. Other than that, I can find no fault with the choice.

Ahem. Sorry.

Anonymous said...

Ioan Gruffudd would be a wonderful Chauvalin.

Anonymous said...

Romola Garia is just the right actress for Marguerite.

Alexandra said...

You know how I feel about DT for Percy. I say yes, yes, yes. DT all the way. He can do the fop (the Doctor is rather quirky which I think lends itself to that part) and also do the very dramatic parts. I vote DT.

Romola seems perfect for Marguerite...watched her in Amazing Grace last night and thought how lovely she'd look in auburn, just like in the movie (because I can never figure if she's technically blond, as Baroness O has a few times described her as auburn). She is just perfect in any role, I guess. But I LOVE the suggestion of Sierra as Marguerite...and she has red hair, too. With Marguerite being so passionate, I like the idea of her being auburn (although she will always *truly* be JS to me :))

RA is actually a good choice for Chauvelin if he was a bit older. He's a good baddie. However, I'd say Ioan would be spectacular (and he was in Amazing Grace too...and DT and Romola were in Glorious 39 together...I'm seeing a trend...). I'd really like to see him in a baddie role. I liked the Dominic Cooper suggestion, too.

Orlando would be great as Tony. And of course, AA and JS as the Count and Countess de Tournay. THAT WOULD BE AWESOME.

More as I think of it...

Melody said...

Haha, somehow I am not one bit surprised that people are suggesting Romola Garai. She seems to be suggested for everything. That being so... hmm. Better than Keira Knightley, though. For sure. Haha, I think I share Miss Dashwood's views about that actress. ;)
Anyways, I'm also a little bit weary of seeing RG in parts where she's supposed to be so beautiful. Hahaha. But I do think she could capture the aspect of Marguerite that Jane Seymour didn't quite get. (I've only read TSP, so I have to judge from that...) The really witty, sparkly part. Actually, JS did it quite nicely, there just wasn't quite enough of it. Not that that was necessarily her part.
Plus, RG is tall enough, whereas, say, Claire Foy wouldn't be. I tend to think of her as a possibility in ever dream-casting thing, because I do so want to see her in another part, and I think she could do excellently in something not at all Amy-Dorrit-ish. But anyways, she has to have dark hair... she just wouldn't look right without it.

Oh dear, I'm rambling! I thought of one suggestion--Kimberley Nixon for Suzanne. I've longed to see her in something else ever since Cranford. :)

Petra said...

I actually like the idea of Benedict Cumberbatch as Chauvelin, rather than as Sir Percy. Tom Hiddleston as Percy would be perfect, however!

Miss Melody Muffin said...

Nick Jonas as Armand???? Boy, Amy, you really have it in for poor Nick, don't you? =) Hehe. He does look too young though. And you are supposed to like Armand, at least at first. (I am not going into the like-or-not-like-Armand-by-the-end thing again, at least not on this post!) :) On the other hand, if we cast NJ as Armand, I'll bet plenty of teenage girls would watch the movie and we might make a whole lot of new SP converts! Is is worth it?? Nah, they'd probably just become "Armand St. Just is awesome' fans and might just ignore Percy altogether! Anathema!!!!!!!

One of the difficulties in casting Chauvelin is that he is supposed to be short. Shorter than Marguerite (who Baroness O. states is a tall woman). I definitely agree that Richard Armitage is too tall for the part. (And that is totally impartial and apart from the fact that I can't bear to think of Mr. Thornton-er-RA playing such a despicable character!)

I agree Romola Garai would make a good Marguerite; but I'm liking the idea of Sierra more and more. Sierra in the 'red gold' hair Marguerite is described as having? Yep, for sure people.

Ooh, I just discovered something. Google Image Search 'Sierra Boggess'. Now Google Image Search 'Jane Seymour actor'. They have the same kind of 'look'!! They really do share certain facial characteristics! That is the clincher for me; Sierra all the way! :)

Orlando for Tony? YES! (And he still looks good in a blond wig.)

AGREED! AA and JS as Count and Countess de Tournay!!

Scullery Maid said...

But Mr. Thornton is playing a dwarf in December! The film-makers could surely do something to make him look shorter than Marguerite(whoever she is). I haven't seen David Tennant in anything, or Benedict Cumberbatch. Tom Hiddleston I have seen in Return to Cranford, and he didn't have a very dashing, heroic part IMHO. I still think Christian Bale would be good, he's played Laurie, so we know he looks well in cravats, and he's played Batman, so we know he'd be good at "Fop by day, Hero by night". And he's tall enough(I just looked it up on Google, and it says he's six feet).

Alexandra said...

That's my problem...Tom was sweet, but I couldn't quite picture him as the hero. Benedict isn't quite "foppish" enough.

Two pics for Romola or Sierra for the auburn Marguerite... - this is Victorian, not Georgian. But you get the idea. Big hair. Ya know. :-P

Alexandra said...

and one more of Sierra...

Anonymous said...

I still vote for Richard Armitage as Chauvelin. All the way. =)

Ooohh, Sierra for Marguerite!! Yes, yes, yes!

As for Percy, though I haven't seen TSP '82, I have seen clips of Anthony Andrews as Percy, and after watching those, I can SO see Tom Hiddleston nailing the role of Percy. The facial expressions, "Sink me!", everything! I so think he could do it.

I agree with Ally. Although I LOVE Benedict, he is too classy for the foppish side of Percy.

I think JJ Field could do Armand. =) Or Nick Jonas... Heehee!

Hayden said...

Oh, these are all great suggestions! I'm rooting for Sierra as Marguerite. Yes, it's offical. :)

Maria Elisabeth said...

This is ridiculous. I'm nearly the person most excited about this whole thing and I haven't even commented yet.

Romola Garai as Marguerite. YES. The way she looks on the cover of Amazing Grace.

Ioan Gruffud for Chauvelin. I think he'd make the perfect slightly attractive and not too creepy villain.

Orlando Bloom for Tony. Definately. With blond hair, too.

While I think I'd be rooting for David Tennant as Percy, if he doesn't get that, I'd love to see him as another member of the League. Sir Andrew, perhaps?

Oh, and I hope nominating one actor for two roles is allowed, because if Ioan Gruffud doesn't get Chauvelin, he would make a perfect Hastings.

Alexandra said...

After getting over my "NO ONE CAN BE PERCY BUT AA", I'm actually pretty excited about it myself. :) Totally rooting for DT of course. No question. BUT if he doesn't win, he MUST be Sir Andrew. Or other Very Important member of the league. Yes, indeed.


Lily of the Valley said...

Okay, so I'm getting in on this a little late, but here are my suggestions:

Sir Percy: Benedict Cumberbatch (he's handsome in an unusual sort of way)

Marguerite: Keira Knightley (she has a regalness about her, and Marguerite is quite regal)

Chauvelin: Tom Hollander (his height will do, yes?)

Sir Andrew Ffoulkes: Rupert Friend (he was excellent in The Young Victoria)

Suzanne Tournay: Charity Wakefield

Countess de Tournay: Kate Blanchett

My Lord Tony: Orlando Bloom

I can't seem to think of anyone for Armand. Perhaps something will "pop out" at me. : )

So there you have it! (This is quite delightful!!)

Hayden said...

Okay. I'm wavering in my descisions again. I can't decide about Marguerite!( although with all due respect...I would really rather she not be Keira Knightly. Really...)

I was just thinking someone needed to suggest Rupert Friend for someone! haha :)

Anonymous said...

Sir Percy: Chris Hemsworth
Marguerite: Anybody BUT Keira Knightly... I honestly don't know, but I know not her :)
Chauvelin: Alan Rickman?

Lily of the Valley said...

Alright, I still like the idea of Keira Knightley for Marguerite, but I looked up pictures of Sierra Boggess (who I read about from somebody else's comment) and I think that she would be lovely for Marguerite. Especially because she has auburn hair, and Marguerite actually has auburn hair in the book, rather than black. I always thought that she had black hair because of the movie, and then I re-read TSP and realized it was actually auburn. It would be fun to incorporate that detail into a new movie! : )