Saturday, September 1, 2012

The Dream Cast: Poll Time (Part 2)

Actors suggested for Secondary characters of The Scarlet Pimpernel Dream Cast:

Sir Andrew

Brendan Patricks

age: 27 height: ?

Rupert Friend

age: 30 height: 6'1'

Jonny Lee Miller

age: 39 Height: 5'11'

Tom Hiddleston

(also suggested for Sir Percy)

Benedict Cumberbatch

(also suggested for Sir Percy and Chauvelin)

David Tennant

(also suggested for Sir Percy)

Dan Stevens

age: 29 height: 6'0''

Lord Tony

Harry Lloyd

age: 28 height: 5'1''

Jamie Bamber

age: 39 height: 5'9''

Orlando Bloom

age: 35 height: 5'11''

Lord Hastings

Ioan Gruffud

age: 38 height: 5'11''

Orlando Bloom
(see above)

Simon Woods

age: 32 height: ?

Armand St. Just

Nicolas Giraud

age: 33 height:?

Nick Jonas

age: 19 height: ?

JJ Field

age: 34 (born 1978) height: 6'1''

Suzanne de Tournay

Imogen Poots

age: 23 height: 5'4''

Louise Bourgoin

age: 30 height: ?

Keeley Hawes

age: 36 height: 5'8''

Kimberley Nixon

age: 26 height: 5'5'

Charity Wakefield

age: 31 height:?

Katie Hall

age: ? height:?

Countess de Tournay

Jane Seymour

age: 61 height: 5'3''

Catherine Jacob

age: 55 height:?

Cate Blanchett

age: 43 height: 5'9''

Count de Tournay

Anthony Andrews

age: 64 height: 6'0''

Toby Jones

age: 45 height: 5'5'

Viggo Mortensen

age: 53 height: 5'11''


Ian McKellen

age: 73 height: 5'11''

Andy Serkis

age: 48 height: 5'8''

Charles Dance

age: 65 height: 6'3''

Ciaran Hinds

age: 59 height: 6'1''

Other Members of the League:
(Vote for more than one)

Hugh Dancy

Stephen Campbell Moore

Rupert Penry-Jones

Dan Stevens (see voting for Sir Andrew)

Orlando Bloom (see voting for Lord Tony)

Neil Jackson


Alexandra said...

Ok, my voting... (BTW, where's the polls?)

David Tennant as Sir Andrew

Orlando Bloom as Lord Tony (why does he look like a Tony to me??? Seriously...)

Ioan Gruffudd as Hastings

Nick Jonas as Armand (because I do despise both. And because I do seriously picture him as Armand, strangely enough. Hehehehe)

I'm still debating between Imogen Poots and Kimberly Nixon as Susanne de Tournay

Count and Countess de Tournay...duh. Anthony Andrews and Jane Seymour.

Ian McKellan gets his cameo as Robspierre. He so nailed Chauvelin he deserves a cameo. Really, the original three MUST be in it.

Random other league members: I like everyone! Hahahaha.

Miss Dashwood said...

What Ally said.

Except I'd definitely go with Kimberly Nixon as Suzanne. Imogen Poots seems a little too... IDK... not sophisticated enough. Maybe it's just that picture though. I haven't seen any of her movies yet.

Miss Dashwood said...

Also, I saw you had some question marks for heights... Nick Jonas and Katie Hall are both 5'8". I forget how I know that, but I do. (She looks taller in the 25th Les Miz concert but it must be her shoes.)

Anonymous said...

Confession... I'm just now getting around to voting. : P Sorry, I've been busy!

Argh, these are so hard!!!

I see I've missed the Sir Percy/Chauvelin/Marguerite polls (: P again), so I'll just say who I personally wanted as Percy - Benedict Cumberbatch. Wouldn't that be so amazing?! (And Martin Freeman as Sir Andrew.... For a few examples of the relationship between them, see Sherlock and The Hobbit.)

Anyway.... This is amazing, you guys. I love the thought of another TSP movie!! True, it'd never be as good as the '82 version, but stil.... Happy thought indeed!


The Solemn Wood Nymph said...

I've enjoyed reading your blog. In case anyone's interested, here's a funny summary I wrote about the book.