Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Polls are up!

The polls for the secondary characters of TSP are now up! Please vote! :)


Abby said...

Ah, I'm loving these polls! The only problem is that it makes me want to be (or at least know) a super rich film director who can make this happen so badly! Just the idea of all these great actors playing the characters, and AA and JS having a cameo... :sigh:


Lily of the Valley said...

I keep forgetting that right now there isn't a new movie being made. : ( I'm getting quite interested in the outcome of all the votes... now, if only Hollywood could be convinced that there needs to be another movie made. The right way, or course. Perhaps they should let some of us co-direct! Haha.

Miss Dashwood said...

Anyone else feeling ridiculously happy that Anthony Andrews has ALL the votes for Count de Tournay? :D

Maria Elisabeth said...

Dan Stevens is beating David Tennant for Sir Andrew! No, no, that will never do. Dan Stevens' eyes are scary and we need David Tennant to have a big-ish role, don't we?

Suzanne's a little harder because all the actresses suggested would probably do a good job, but I think Imogen Poots and David Tennant would make a good movie couple.

For Robespierre, it might be nice if Ian McKellen had a cameo, but for pity's sake, peoples, he's seventy-three! I'm certain the real Robespierre was under fifty.

There's no question for me on who should play the count and countess de Tournay.

Well, naturally we're delighted, Amy. And it shows what a bunch of TSP1982 fans we are that we have to give Anthony Andrews every single one of the votes. :D Not a single one for poor Viggo Mortensen who might do tolerably well if he wasn't put against AA.

Hayden said...

haha. I feel the same way, "Viggo Mortensen might not actually be so bad, if he wasn't up against YOU KNOW WHO" heehee.

Dan Stevens has weird eyes? What? No he doesn't. His eyes just look like...eyes. I've never seen DT in anything, so maybe that's why I'm just not on board with all of you...I need to see Doctor Who, apparently :)

I think all of the actors who didn't get chosen for Sir Andrew just need to get stuck somewhere in the League. What do you think?

I'm torn between Imogen Poots and Kimberly Nixon for suzanne, although I think all of our suggestions could do it.

I wish I had a good friend who also happened to be a rich and famous director. Sigh.

Alexandra said...

Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, my grandma's slooooooowwwwwwwwww internet means that the polls aren't loading correctly and I can't vote!!!!!!! Argh.

I do second Maria's opinion...let's stick whoever doesn't win the "main League dudes" *in* the League as minor League members (and I've put way too many "League"s in one sentence). Good idea. :)

This is wayyyyyyyyy too much fun. :)