Saturday, September 1, 2012

The Results of Round One:

Currently, I've re-adjusted the polls to vote on the winner of each category for Sir Percy, Marguerite, and Chauvelin. This second poll will be up for one week, so start voting! Because several of the actors were also suggested for secondary characters, I will also have TSP Dream Cast Part 2 post up today, in case that changes some of your voting choices! I will put the Part 2 polls up for the secondary characters this Wednesday.

Sir Percy
poll 1:
Christian Bale: 17 votes
Chris Hemsworth: 10 votes
poll 2:
Tom Hiddleston: 24 votes
David Tennant: 10 votes
Benedict Cumberbatch: 6 votes
J.J. Field: 3 votes
poll 1:
Lucy Griffiths: 18 votes
Kate Winslet: 11 votes
Keira Knightley: 7 votes
Sierra Boggess: 9 votes
poll 2:
Sophia Miles: 6 votes
Carey Mulligan: 6 votes
Romola Garai: 17 votes
Rosamund Pike: 8 votes
poll 1:
Ben Chaplin: 8
Dominick Cooper: 5
Richard Armitage: 18
Benedict Cumberbatch: 5
poll 2:
Ioan Gruffud: 20
Tom Hollander: 9
Alan Rickman: 6
poll 3:
Rufus Sewell: 18

1 comment:

Alexandra said...

DAVID TENNANT LOST. The world is going to end.

But least he was second!!! That's big (think Colette from Ratatouille's voice here).

So definitely voting for Tom here, since DT isn't going to get it. He has the Percy close as you can get without being AA, of course. :)

Ok, so I'm torn between Lucy and Romola...I kinda like Lucy. So dunno yet.

Chauvelin - while the BBC Robin Hood has convinced me that Richard Armitage plays a fantastic baddie and would be *amazing* as Chauvelin...I'm voting Rufus. He's good looking and yet can play very slimy. Me votes himz.