Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The TSP Dream Cast: Results!!!

And the Dream Cast is....
(drumroll, please)

Sir Percy
Tom Hiddleston

Romola Garai

Richard Armitage

Nicolas Giraud

Sir Andrew
David Tennant

Kimberly Nixon

Lord Hastings
Ioan Gruffud

Lord Tony Dewhurst
Orlando Bloom

Countess de Tournay
Jane Seymour

Count de Tournay
Anthony Andrews

Ian McKellen
Other members of the league?
All the actors who lost to Sir Percy and Sir Andrew and the rest of the gang....
Brendan Patricks
Rupert Friend
Jonny Lee Miller
Benedict Cumberbatch
Dan Stevens
Harry Lloyd
Jamie Bamber
Simon Woods
JJ Field
Hugh Dancy
Stephen Campbell Moore
Rupert Penry-Jones
Neil Jackson

I hope you all enjoyed this!


Anna Grace said...

Oh, my goodness, it's perfect!!! Now they just need to get working on it. :-/

;) *wink*


Caroline L. said...

GoodieGoodieGoodie!!! This is SO good. Too bad we aren't all big movie producers b/c now I feel like getting busy and making this film!

Except, I don't think I can forgive those who voted Richard Armitage in for Chauvelin. He is so amazing, I would like him more than Percy! And he is SO not small and ugly and slimy. Tom Hollander all the way.

Still, this is so exciting. I keep having to remind myself that, no, this is not a really movie thus I cannot count down the days until it comes out.

Miss Melody Muffin said...

This was great fun!!

Hmmmm, is there any way we can put together a petition.... =)

Alexandra said...


Love it. What a great-looking cast!!! And I *adore* that AA and JS are getting a cameo (and that AA won by such a complete landslide...hehehehe!).

Now of course I am mad that this will probably never get made. The downsides of dream casts. :(

I wonder if there's any bigwig peoples that ever peep on here and get ideas...if only!

Anyway. SO happy about Hiddles, and DT as Andrew and all. I'm ok with Richard as Chauvelin because even though he's not "book" quality perfect he's such a good baddie...and it adds tension, IMO. (WOW...I am so not a good Staunch Book Fan, am I? But then...look at TSP1982. Hehehe.)

In short...LOVE IT! Now someone, PULEEZE...make it!!!

Melody said...

Oh, swell! Kimberley Nixon won Suzanne and I suggested her! *does a little dance*


Somehow I'm not at all surprised that Jane Seymour and Anthony Andrews wheedled their way in there as another couple. Not a whit. :P

And wow, Romola Garai is popular. That's all I can say. ;) (But I probably voted for her myself... ha. For lack of a better idea, I s'pose.)

Melody said...

Oh, and right, I don't think Richard Armitage should be Chauvelin. I can see him playing a villain... but not that one. That, however, is the GOOD thing about dream casts... if you disagree with them, it doesn't really matter. HA.