Wednesday, October 24, 2012

How I Met Sir Percy- Hayden's Edition

So my story begins, like most of my stories, with searching for new books to read. I have a certain love of catalogues that comes from a lifetime of cutting them up and putting them in childhood scrapbooks of "pretty things" and on to decoupage as I got older. Anyway, that joy has never gone away, and I get almost as much pleasure cutting them up now as I did then. I just normally, you know, actually read the catalogue first. I am always excited when we get a new catalogue, especially when that lovely thick Rainbow Resource one comes in- even if it doesn’t have a lot of pretty, colorful pictures to cut up :). I think it was maybe the second Rainbow Resource book we got that I decided to go and make a list of all the books in the "Library Builders" section that I wanted to read.

I saw the description for The Scarlet Pimpernel…and it sounded AWESOME. However, our current library did not have that book, and this was at a time in my life when I would rather have died than ask for help at the counter. (Yes, I have gotten over that. Our librarians probably wish I hadn’t.) I sort of forgot about the book after that, and every once in a while I would look through a new catalogue, see the book and think, "you know, I really need to read that." Finally, after moving (a new library, yay!) I decided to do a little research on the book and see what people seemed to say about it. I didn’t find a whole lot of reviews- maybe five altogether on a combination of two sites- and most of them were positive, except for one guy who said it was the most boring thing ever.

So anyway, I searched for it at our library- and there it was! I read the first chapter and was hooked. Completely hooked. I read that thing in one sitting, all the while thinking, "that poor reviewer had no idea what he was talking about; this book is AMAZING!"

So, I was sixteen years old (It’s been two years since then, wow :) and I was pretty sure I was the only person on the planet who had ever read the book. Besides those five reviewers, of course.  Now, by this point, I had pretty much grown out of regaling my entire family with a chapter-by-chapter runthrough of every book I'd ever read. But I had to admit...I NEEDED to talk about this marvelous book. Wonder of wonders! I have a BLOG! {can't you just see the little lightbulb that popped up over my head?}The world must be informed on this classic they were missing. It was practically my duty as a good citizen. It wasn’t long afterward that I wrote a post on my blog about it- and discovered I was not alone in my love of the adventures of Sir Percy. And there were more books? It was part of a series???

The cover of the copy of the book my sister bought...

Since then, so many of my friends have read the book –and loved it- that I am no longer the lone person that I know of personally who has a great admiration (and maybe a few fangirl cheers) for Sir Percy and his men. One of my very best friends came up to me several months ago and asked if I had read TSP, and that she thought it was great, and I was like, "You’ve Read it???" She got a pretty super big hug that day! She and her sister were also the ones who inspired me to host the TSP Casting Event :)

Either way, though I have found it difficult to get my hands on copies of the rest of the books in the series, I have enjoyed the ones I've read and just can't WAIT to read about more adventures of my favorite hero....


Anonymous said...

*claps* Wonderful!!!

You were scared to ask librarians about books?! Wow. Me, too. (That's what online book requests are for!)

I was so delighted to find that I wasn't the only Percy fan, either!! And then I found The Day-Dream, and, well... the rest is history. : )

NEWSFLASH!! Did you know you can read ALL of them on The Blakeney Manor?! I've been converting them into pdf files for my Kindle.... Mayhaps you desire to look there?


Alexandra said...

Have I mentioned that I have been searching high and low for that particular copy? Oh, yeah. LUCKY DUCK. ;)

BatZion said...

I just bought myself a copy of TSP and waiting - rather anxiously, I might add - for it to come in the mail... After watching the 1982 version, I can't wait to sink my teeth into it! :)