Thursday, December 6, 2012

"Down on the Floor, Sir. I Think We're in for a Run."

Ok, so I read Sir Percy Hits Back! It was AMAZING, of course. I'm hoping to get a "my own personal thoughts on it" post up sometime in the next week...but don't count on it. ;)

Just found out an extremely interesting tidbit via Little Lady's blog...and thought I'd share.

Like (I suspect) most people, when I read El Dorado and of course saw TSP1982, the subplot of the Dauphin was intriguing, but written off as nice fiction because, as we all know, he was not saved by Our Illustrious Hero but tragically died. To be completely honest and slightly heretical, I wondered why on earth they included something that everyone knew didn't happen. I mean, why not pick another historical character who actually made it through the Reign of Terror?

Then today I was enlightened. (By the way, her review of the book/movie was delightful!)

According to her story, at the time of the film (and of course at the time of the writing of El Dorado), they were not sure whether or not the Dauphin had died (much like another pet obsession of mine, Anastasia Romanov).

The 1982 film version was a veritable Anastasia story with the inclusion of "the little Dauphin". Louis-Charles, Duke of Normandy, whose death at the time of the production of this film, was still unconfirmed (it wasn't proven until 2000 when they did a DNA test on the heart in the body supposed to be the prince's and it matched up with the DNA of Marie Antoinette's hair. Ew.).

So like all the Anastasia stories, the book/film was relying on the fact that no one knew what had happened to him. Unfortunately in both royal cases, we now know their fate, but this did clear up a lot in my mind!

So. Please tell me that I wasn't the only clueless Leaguette. Please. Or I shall be heartily ashamed. :)

And since we're talking about it and you can never have too much of this scene, here's the Epic Rescue Scene again. You're welcome. For research, you understand. Dauphin research. Yes.