Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Introducing: the Scarlet Pimpernel!

Maria's note: things have been slowing down here a little lately, and, as a remedy, I'm delighted to present Jo Coleman who's writing a seven part series on why she likes The Scarlet Pimpernel so much.  The introductory post is below, and the rest will be published every week or two.  Enjoy!

Well. Allow me to calm the pounding of my heart. I have been in something of a tizzy ever since watching both the 1934 version as well as the 1982 version within 2 days. Especially the 1982 version.

Let me back up. I read the book, The Scarlet Pimpernel by Baroness Emmuska Orczy about a year and a half ago, and I was completely enthralled. I searched somewhat half-hearted for a movie adaption, but did not attempt very strongly, mostly because I was afraid a movie adaption would destroy everything beautiful about the story.

I left it at that until a week ago, when I was wanting something to watch, and remembered a friend had sent me a movie adaption of the Scarlet Pimpernel, so I decided to watch the 1934 adaption, with Leslie Howard as Sir Percy Blakeney/The Scarlet Pimpernel and Merle Oberon as Lady Blakeney/Marguerite St. Just. It was beautiful. Perfect.

So, I found the 1982 adaption and watched that one as well. My heart still hasn’t stopped its wild drumbeat. The movie did take some liberties story-wise, but (and this may be the first time I have ever said this) it was definitely for the best.

Now, I am bringing a 7 part dissection of this story, and why I feel it is one of the most perfect stories ever written and acted out. Each Monday I will bring a new part of it during my regular Monday postings.

Stay tuned for this series!

Jo M. Coleman is a 22 year old aspiring author who lives and writes in Arizona, which she loves not just for the heat, but for the inspiration she finds there as well. She has written 2 novels and is working on editing and outlining two more currently. Jo is a professing Christian, and hopes to show the love of Jesus to others through her art and writing.  You can visit her blog at


Caroline L. said...

Oh, how delightful! 7 posts full of Scarlet Pimpernelness to look forward to! Life is good.

Alexandra said...

Yaaaay!!! I always enjoy hearing more about my favorite adaptation of my favorite story, and it's kinda nice for a change actually getting new insights from someone new! Welcome aboard and cannot wait to read more!

Jo M. Coleman said...

Thanks you guys! I was super excited to find this blog, because I absolutely adore TSP! :-D I hope you all enjoy the blog series!

Anonymous said...

I'm excited for this!