Monday, May 13, 2013

We Interrupt This Program for a Birthday...

Sink me, m’dears, if it isn’t an auspicious day today!  The courier arrived only this morning with news that one of the League’s most loyal female members (one who calls herself a Leaguette, a deuced pretty name if I do say so, though it doesn’t rhyme in any places) is celebrating the anniversary of her birth, and in honor of the occasion I thought it appropriate to take pen in hand and commemorate the day.

M’dear Alexandra--

You have reached the noble age of four-and-twenty, a fine age if I remember correctly, which I don’t.  I suppose I must have been a grand chap at four-and-twenty, but sink me, I can’t recall a bit of it.  Let us hope you will grace the year with a more memorable presence than I ever did. 

Now is the time to make something of your life.  
Evil and injustice, you see, have not died quite yet. Not many have both the intelligence and the desire to fight it.   As a friend of mine in possession of a peculiar blue box once said, “Somewhere there’s danger, somewhere there’s injustice.... and somewhere else the tea is getting cold. Come on... we’ve got work to do!”   Perhaps you may think I am not serious, but I am.  Deadly serious.  If I believe in just one thing, I believe in you.  

Dashed inconvenient, your living in America, you know.  I'd pop across the pond to wish you many happy returns of the day in person if I could, but I fear my yacht wouldn't survive the journey.  However, I've got a handful of young admirers who seem quite delighted to take the task upon themselves, and one of them--a muffin, a melody, something of the sort--has written a pretty little thing that rhymes in four places to express our sentiments, don't you see.  And if a rhyme rhymes, it makes a poem, if you follow me.

They seek her here, they seek her there
The Leaguettes seek her everywhere
The birthday girl they all must tell
Happy Birthday, Miss Pimpernel!

*tosses gorgeous imaginary birthday cake and heaps of lovely pretend presents* Yours, I believe.

Much love,

along with
Eowyn, Miss Melody Muffin, Miss Dashwood, Hayden and Maria Elisabeth


Anonymous said...



Miss Elizabeth Bennet said...

Happy Birthday, Alexandra!

Alexandra said...

GUYS!!!!! You made my day!!! Seriously!!!!!!!!

Oh my gosh, this is just...oh my gosh. Fangirling that I actually GOT A LETTER FROM PERCY. I'm almost afraid to blink, that I might be lookin' upon a ghost of a letter. And speaking of blinking, of course he knows a guy in a blue box. And...

Percy, I am just too honored. And flabbergasted for joy to say anything of any consequence, for when I read it, I forget everything I've ever read...except Percy (how easy it is!). Which is why I am completely speechless at the moment. If you think I wouldn't be in Percy's presence, you do not know this Leaguette well.

In short...THANK YOU ALL so much for this oh-so-awesome community of fans. Love you all to bits and LOVE this honored to be a part of it! *sniff*

Molly said...

Happy Birthday, Ally! I'll bet that is just the best birthday present ever!

Kiri Liz said...

I'm sorry I didn't see this yesterday, so my birthday greeting is rather belated. But, anywho...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ALEXANDRA!!!! I hope you had the grandest of days! :)

Petie said...


Belle, Addy and Emma said...

Happy Birthday to my dear sister! Thanks to you, I am a devoted Scarlet Pimpernel fan! You introduced me to this dear, elusive pimpernel, you showed me his awesomeness and I am eternally grateful! You’re such a great sis!

BTW good job with this Miss Dashwood! The words were so him, I could even hear his voice in them :) And I loved the poem Miss Melody Muffin wrote, that was awesome!


Hayden said...

Happy, happy birthday, Ally! I'm so glad you loved your Sir Percy letter, to which I did contribute a little...although it was mostly dear Amy, fantastical writer that she is :)

Sonya said...

I'm a huge fan of the Scarlet Pimpernel!
I've nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. If you wish to claim the award, please see my blog