Baroness Orczy

Emmuska Orczy, the daughter of a baron and countess, was born in Hungary in September 1865.  When she was three her family left Hungary, afraid of a peasant revolution.  In her youth she lived in Budapest, Brussels, Paris, and lastly London, where Emmuska studied music and art.  She met and married one of her fellow art students, a young man named Montague Barstow.  They had a happy marriage "for close on half a century one of perfect happiness and understanding of perfect friendship and communion of thought." 

Baroness Orczy wrote many books, including detective stories, not about the Scarlet Pimpernel, but her greatest and most popular works were certainly those about Percy Blakeney and his League.  By 1918 they had brought in so much that she and her husband were able to buy a villa in Monte Carlo and travel extensively.

During World War II Emmuska and her husband, living in Monte Carlo, were kept under close surveillance by the Axis powers, but not arrested because of their age.  Montague Barstow died in 1943, before the liberation of Monte Carlo, and after the war Emmuska sold their villa and returned to London.  She died in 1947 at the age of 82.

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