The Man

Who is Sir Percy?  And why do we seem to like him so much?

Sink me, my dear Monsieur Chaubertin, (er, beg pardon, Chauvelin) how do I explain?  He is amazing, and as to why we like him, here are a million random reasons in a random order. 

**Warning: this page will contain excessive spoilers, even more fangirlishness, and absolutely no sense.**

1: He is a hero.  Not the hero-because-he's-the-main-character or the hero-because-he's-in-love-with-the-heroine or the hero-because-he-has-'special-powers' but the hero because he. is. heroic.

2: He is modest.  He doesn't boast about what he does or what he feels; he avoids praise almost to the point of ridiculousity and promptly goes to sleep whenever someone praises the Scarlet Pimpernel.

3: He has an excellent taste in cravats.

4: He can always get out of a tight situation.  Any plan, scenario, situation, etc. propagated by Chauvelin will be foiled with the least amount of trouble possible and everyone who hears of it wonders.  Why didn't I think of that before?

5: His last name is Blakeney. Seriously. Can you find a better last name on the face of this planet?

6: He is courageous.

7: He is honorable.

8: He is an excellent swordsman.

9: He is so quotable.  Sink me, yes!

10: He is amazing at impersonations.

11: His conversations are intensely hilarious.

12: He always has some audacious banter to serve up to our dear little Chauvelin.

13: How can you put all of his good points in a list?  It was very foolish of me to attempt it.  Pleasant, but very foolish.

**If you have any other reasons, please email them to me and I will be more than happy to put them up.  I will also be adding more to this page, so be sure to check back.**