The TSP1982 Project

The original DVD cover. What I wouldn't give to have this available everywhere...

Hello! Alexandra here.

So what is the TSP1982 project?

For most TSP fans (most, not all...), the definitive version of the story of Sir Percy Blakeney (and for many like myself, their first introduction to The Scarlet Pimpernel) is the (amazing, incredible, unbelievable, epic...) 1982 film version starring (the amazing, unbeatable, enormously talented, extremely handsome, Sir-Percy-to-a-'T') Anthony Andrews as Sir Percy and (the gorgeous, lovely, stunning, equally talented) Jane Seymour as Marguerite. For future reference, the film is lovingly referred to by all good Leaguettes as "TSP1982" to differentiate between the other film versions.

Unfortunately several years ago the copyright expired on the film, making it unavailable on DVD...meaning that you've either got to pay through the nose for a rare original DVD copy (which only the staunchest Leaguettes would pay that kind of money :-P), settle with the sprinkling of Chinese bootlegs you'll find on Ebay, or simply watch it on YouTube. 

Before long, TSP 1982 will be a rare find if not completely gone. Its future on YouTube is precarious at least, with video policies constantly changing, and we can't expect pirated copies to continue to circulate forever. We Leaguettes are not going to let this most epic film get lost in the dusty archives of Great Films You Can't Find Any More. 

And so, as our brave hero once said himself (in TSP1982), "I...have a plan."

Obviously, none of us really know the least thing about the legal and technical parts of what goes into the copyrights and films and all that. But we're going to do the best we can to see if we can't figure out a way to get this gem back onto DVD and easily accessible to more people. Imagine how many more Leaguettes there might be if only people knew about it!

It's pretty much in the research/organizational stage at this point...more news will be announced on the blog (and posted on this page) as we go. If needed, we're planning letters, petitions...we'll stop at nothing. After all...are we not part of the League?


Yes. Thank you. Anyway.

So! Please, we'd love any and all help we can get. Research, let us know what you find...we can only do this if we do it together. :-)

Into the fire and all that...

Alexandra for the Leaguettes


Anonymous said...

Dear Alexandra,

I have done some research, and found The Scarlet Pimpernel 1982 version on the Barnes and Noble website. I do not know if this is precisely the one you are looking for, but it is available for not a terrible amount of money. I wonder if this is the one you are looking for? I just thought I would let you know!

Lily of the Valley

Anonymous said...

I've been doing a lot of research about who might have the rights and how they can be bought/renewed, and a thought struck me yesterday. The film rights to the Narnia movies expired, too, so I hopped on over to NarniaWeb and emailed them.


The rights to one of my favorite movies expired and I'm wondering what will happen to the rights - can they be renewed or bought? The movie isn't sold in stores anywhere, and it's really expensive online. I have no idea about the legal aspect of all of this, but I'd like to do something. I'd certainly do it for the Narnia movies if that ever happened - I LOVE all of them! Saw the first and third ones for my birthday!

I also want to thank you guys for everything you do! I never commented or anything on Narnia Web, but I checked nearly day for news on the Narnia movies since about 2004 to when the news came about the rights expiring. I still check occasionally, and hope that we'll see another Narnia movie soon!

Any help you could give me would be great! Thanks so much!"

Tirian replied today. (Imagine, getting a real email from Tirian! Heehee...)

"As I understand it, there may have to be a moratorium period before the rights can be resold. I don’t really understand the process too well, though. It's a pretty complicated thing once the lawyers get involved. I certainly hope there are more Narnia movies to be made. It will likely be SEVERAL years before there's any movement.


Not much new information, but it's something. Now... to find out about how to un-complicate... Good thing I know a lawyer! (Well, know OF a lawyer. Emailing him posthaste...)

This doesn't help much, but just know that I'm doing a little work on it in between writing my June Crusade/Camp NaNo novel. : )



C. P. Lesley said...

The 1982 film was released on DVD by Image Entertainment, which still exists: Why not visit their page, click on the Contact Us link, and ask? (I checked, IE no longer lists The Scarlet Pimpernel on its site.)

Image Entertainment has a deal with Sony Pictures Home Entertainment to produce some of its films. SP is not there, either, although Sony does issue Anthony Andrews' Ivanhoe, which the BBC put out just before or just after SP.

In any case, I would bet that either company would re-release the 1982 production if it saw a market, so mentioning that you represent a blog with numerous followers probably wouldn't hurt. An e-mail campaign wouldn't hurt, either, but you first have to establish whom to e-mail (that is, who holds the rights). Image Entertainment should know the answer to that question.

Elizabeth Ffoulkes said...

I just completely scratched up (sob) my copy of this DVD, so I really, really, hope someone will untangle this gut-wrenching mess. (turns away to continue crying in lacy handkerchief embroidered with Scarlet Pimpernels)