Saturday, April 25, 2015

Scarlet Pimpernel fans, actors, interested persons... lend me your ears.

(Because when is a funny picture with Sir Percy
NOT appropriate?)

So!  Remember Masked?  (If you don't, go read that post and get caught up. ;))  Some pretty amazing stuff has been happening with it lately.  Casting calls have gone out, actors have contacted us with expressions of interest, we've reviewed auditions, had some meet-ups with Ally and Belle, announced two new cast members with more to come, and for the most part things are going great.

Buuut there are some roles yet to be filled and that's making us just a little bit antsy.  We've come so far and we want this to work out.  So this is where we're asking for some help... especially, especially if you live near Kansas City or know anybody who does.  That's where the show is going to be filmed and if you could in any way spread the word to Interested Parties, well, that would be a great help.

Looking for actors to play regular, recurring and supporting roles in the web series Masked, a modern adaptation of Baroness Orczy’s The Scarlet Pimpernel. Seeking both male and female actors for roles of varying size. No monetary compensation, but meals, credit and copy will be provided.

Filming in Kansas City, MO area in May and early June of 2015, and then again in the fall of 2015. Schedules are flexible.

Here are the roles that are still open:

Paul Reynard (mid-40’s to late 50’s)
Principal antagonist of the piece. Quiet and unassuming with an underlying menace. Works
closely with a drug dealing organization but stays out of the police radar. No physical
requirements. This character is a smoker, but will not be required to smoke on camera.
Must possess a valid driver’s license.

Timothy St. Cyr (age 20-28) 
Works with Blake and company as a member of the Scarlet Pimpernel’s group. A Harvard
graduate and current medical student. Quiet and shy, very close to his younger brother.  Dark hair & eyes, slight build preferred. 

Mark St. Cyr (early 40’s to late 50’s)
Principal of a private high school, father to Timothy and Angelo. Self-assured, arrogant and
smug. Quietly irritating. Open ethnicity (will be cast as part of a biological family and decisions
will be made based on the other actors cast in the family).

Jane Donner (early to mid 20’s)
Tony’s date in one episode. Pleasant, outgoing but a quiet conversationalist. Open ethnicity.

Rich (any age over 25)
Police officer, somewhat incompetent.  Constantly apologetic to superiors.  Open ethnicity.

Police Detective (any age over 30)
This role can be played either by a male or a female.  Businesslike, not overly compassionate.  Easily annoyed, yells at his/her inferiors.  Open ethnicity.

Louise (any age over 25)
Margot’s manager at the cafe where she works. A good boss-- tough but compassionate. Open

Maxine (any age over 25)
Casting director at a regional theatre.  One line, walk-on part.  Open ethnicity.

Eleanor (any age over 20)
Off-screen voice. Secretary to Mark St. Cyr. Open ethnicity. 

Librarian (any age over 18)
Off-screen voice. Heard over the phone in a voicemail. Open ethnicity.

Now, the last two as you might notice, are "off-screen voices." That means that anybody could audition for those.  Basically, we'd send you the script, you'd make an audio recording of what we needed, we'd select our favorite and if it was yours then boom, you have a cameo in the web series (with credit of course, and under any name you choose).

If you are interested in doing that and might fit in with the requirements for either Eleanor or the Librarian, feel free to email us for further information.

Most importantly, if you know anybody who acts in the Kansas City area and who might fit a description of one of the people above (particularly Paul and Timothy, we really need them), please pass on this information.  Or even if you don't know anyone... maybe you can pass on the info to someone who does!  Any interested parties can also email us for the full casting call and more information.  Our email is maskedwebseries{at}gmail{dot}com.

Meanwhile, we as the casting team are taking this picture to heart...